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Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 03/22/2021  
Title: City Centre Area Redevelopment - Columbus Park Design Update - Crawford
Department: Planning & Infrastructure
This topic relates to all three of the City’s strategic vision elements contained in Council’s Strategic Plan
Spruce Grove has a business environment that attracts new businesses to the city, encourages and supports new business start-ups, and helps ensure existing businesses are competitive, successful and profitable.

Request for Decision Summary
As part of the City Centre Area Redevelopment Project, Administration and representatives from ISL Engineering will present an update on the Columbus Park Redevelopment that includes overall construction cost. Council is asked to consider the overall design and estimated cost as presented, and consider the presented additional elements and estimated costs. 

Proposed Motion
That Administration be directed to proceed with Columbus Park Redevelopment construction as presented.
Spruce Grove's Municipal Development Plan (MDP) identified the City Centre's revitalization as an important initiative that established the objective of re-invigorating the City Centre as a mixed use hub of activity with a distinct identity. The MDP specifically identified the need for a City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan (CCARP), which was adopted in April 2020, to guide redevelopment. In 2020, ISL Engineering was retained by the City to provide engineering and planning consulting services for the City Centre Area Redevelopment project.

The development of the City Centre ARP has provided an opportunity to review the area’s existing land use, parking, and infrastructure to identify challenges and opportunities necessary to make informed and desirable adjustments to the area.

The City Centre has historically been focused on vehicular movement with pedestrian mobility being largely overlooked in terms of sidewalk conditions, widths, mid-block and safe pedestrian crossings, connections, and complete networks. The City Center Area Redevelopment project is scheduled to be a multi-year project with intent to limit, as much as possible, disruption to businesses in the area. Work proposed for 2021 includes redevelopment of Columbus Park.

Administration and ISL Engineering presented a City Centre Area Redevelopment Project Update to Council at the February 16, 2021 Committee of the Whole meeting. That presentation included an update on the Columbus Park design. Administration committed to presenting a proposed design with estimated costs to Council for a decision by Council prior to tendering the construction work.
City Centre Area Redevelopment - Columbus Park Design Update, presented by ISL Engineering, provides information regarding the work completed to-date and the overall design of Columbus Park. Consultation with the City Centre Business Association (CCBA), Public Works, and Cultural Services has occurred throughout the planning and design stage of the Columbus Park Redevelopment.

This update includes information, including estimated costs, for some of the additional elements that Council spoke of at the February 16th Committee of the Whole meeting and from what the City heard from the CCBA. Council is asked to consider the overall design and estimated cost as presented, and consider the presented additional elements and estimated costs.

If Council desires to proceed with any of the optional items presented, administration recommends a second motion would need to be approved indicating the options and dollar amounts to be added to the cost approved in the initial motion.
Significant time and effort has gone into consultation and engagement by way of meetings between ISL Engineering, the City CCARP Team, other City departments and the CCBA. The design of Columbus Park as presented by ISL Engineering is supported by all of those involved in consultation.

Both ISL Engineering and the City have dedicated teams that will aim to provide consistent updates to the CCBA, Council, and the public as this 2021 Columbus Park Redevelopment proceeds through to construction completion. The City team includes members of Engineering, Planning, Economic Development, and Corporate Communications. The Connect Spruce Grove website will be utilized as a main tool for communication.
To accommodate the redevelopment of Columbus Park during construction, the entire park site will be physically closed. It is anticipated that, at times, sidewalk access on both McLeod Avenue and Main Street, adjacent to Columbus Park, will be closed due to construction. Measures will be taken to best accommodate pedestrians. It is expected that construction could start as early as mid-June 2021 and that the park may be operational for use by the public through the Winter 2021/2022.

Fiscal Impact
Financial Implications:
The presentation by ISL Engineering, attached to this RFD, includes a cost estimate for the Columbus Park Redevelopment and for additional elements that may be considered for inclusion within the scope of the overall Columbus Park Redevelopment project. The 2021 budget, approved for Columbus Park, is $1 312 302.00. The current, estimated cost, by ISL Engineering, prior to tender, $1 650 000.00, including Engineering and testing. Administration will, if required, seek Council approval for an amendment once the tender closes and we have firm construction costs. Any amendment request to Council will be complete with a proposed funding source.

Columbus Park Redevelopment presentation