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Committee of the Whole Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 02/16/2021  
Title: Tri-Regional Homelessness and Poverty Initiative Presentation - Rutherford
Presenter: Erin Rutherford
Department: Community & Protective Services
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Request for Decision Summary
Brenda Johnson, Brenda Hawryluk, and Erin Rutherford will be providing a presentation to Committee regarding Tri-Regional work happening to address Poverty and Homelessness including work done to date by Champions Table members to create a shared vision, structure for the initiative, and direction going forward including branding.
This work achieves goals and objectives set out within PathwaysHome. However, as a regional collaboration, the initiative has a broader scope beyond the goals and objectives laid out in PathwaysHome.

Proposed Motion
That the Tri-Regional Homelessness and Poverty Initiative Presentation be received as information, and

that Brenda Johnson, Brenda Hawryluk, and Erin Rutherford of Champions Table be thanked for their presentation. 
This initiative is cross-sectoral, recognizing that complex issues cannot be addressed by a single organization, group or sector and requires collective and organized work to support change efforts. Diverse backgrounds, networks, and areas of expertise are needed as homelessness and poverty are the concern of the entire community – in this case the Tri-Region. The structure established allows for both community and systems-level interventions.
The Champions Table is a structured partnership between stakeholders in the Tri-Region who support poverty and homelessness reduction. The Champions Table initially convened in September 2019 and worked to co-create a shared vision, terms of reference, common language, and the structure of the broader initiative. This group will provide overall governance for the entire initiative going forward. Over time other groups will be established by the Champions Table including:
  • First Voice Advisory Group
  • Housing and Support Working Group
  • Healthy Living Working Group
  • Community Inclusion and Capacity Working Group
  • Reconciliation Working Group
The City of Spruce Grove Community Social Development provides backbone support for the Champions Table and the initiative as a whole. Other organizations at the Champions Table may support and/or lead future backbone functions such as:  
  1. Guiding Vision and Strategy
  2. Supporting Aligned Activities
  3. Establishing Shared Measurement Practices
  4. Building Public Will
  5. Advancing Policy
  6. Mobilizing Funding
The Champions Table consists of members from: The City of Spruce Grove Community Social Development, Stony Plain FCSS, the Primary Care Network of Parkland, Pay Forward Kindness, Parkland Foodbank Society, the United Way Capital Region, Parkland School Division, and members at large. Input from Meridian Housing Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce were also incorporated into the current documents. Other organizations were invited, but declined to participate at that time.

The Champions Table is intentionally small to allow a functional size for both rich discussion and efficiency. Now that the structure is established and capacity has been developed, recruitment for additional Champions Table members for the term starting in March 2021 is underway.
A presentation is booked in February for each Council (Parkland County, The Town of Stony Plain, and The City of Spruce Grove). A marketing firm was hired to support a cohesive look, feel, and logo for the Tri-Regional Homelessness and Poverty Initiative. The logo and name (Hope&Home) is included in the presentation for each Council meeting and will be used for broader community communication and engagement from this point on.
This initiative supports regional collaboration on Poverty & Homelessness including shared language, measurements, projects, service delivery, and strengthens opportunities for funding as a region to address Poverty & Homelessness.

Fiscal Impact
Financial Implications:
Federal ReachingHome funding is supporting components of the Tri-Regional Homelessness and Poverty Initiative. Funding from the City of Spruce Grove Corporate Plan, PathwaysHome may also support this regional collaborative work.  Additional funding will be sourced from partners and future grant opportunities.

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