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Committee of the Whole Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 02/16/2021  
Title: City Centre Parking Management Plan - Walker
Department: Economic & Business Development
This topic relates to all three of the City’s strategic vision elements contained in Council’s Strategic Plan
Spruce Grove has a business environment that attracts new businesses to the city, encourages and supports new business start-ups, and helps ensure existing businesses are competitive, successful and profitable.

Request for Decision Summary
Following approval by Council of the City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan on April 27, 2020, Administration undertook the preparation of a Parking Management Plan to assess the demand for and supply of parking in the City Centre both short and long term resulting from redevelopment and bring forward recommendations on managing any issues that may arise. Bunt & Associates will presenting to the Committee of the Whole the findings and recommendations listed within the City Centre Parking Management Plan.  

Proposed Motion
That the City Centre Parking Management Plan be received as information. 
City Council approved the City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) on April 27, 2020.  There was concern raised at the time by some businesses on the loss of parking along McLeod Avenue and particularly with the change from angle to parallel parking.  Council directed Administration to undertake some additional work on assessing the impact of this change and the broader parking ramifications brought by the ARP.  Bunt & Associates was retained to prepare a parking management plan for the City Centre. The proposed plan was completed in late 2020 and had provided opportunities for stakeholder and public engagement.  

The preparation of the plan started with an assessment of the demand and supply of parking in the City Centre using both current data and parking data compiled as part of the ARP development process in 2018 prior to COVID-19.  The study then developed forecasts of future demand based on the timing and density of redevelopment in the City Centre. The study confirmed the conclusion from the ARP that the loss of parking along McLeod Avenue due to the change from angle to parallel parking could be accommodated from existing supply but made several parking management recommendations.  The study also set out recommendations on future parking strategies which manage demand and increase supply as redevelopment occurs.  These are summarized as follows: 
  • Short-Term Strategies (Existing to Low Density Scenario) - expand area of time restrictions; provide long-stay parking on-street; and optimize parking supply by shared parking. 
  • Long-Term Strategies (Medium to High Density Scenario) - introduce market pricing of on-street parking; manage parking spillover into adjacent residential areas; develop additional public parking facilities. 
  • Other Supporting Strategies - add designated on-street parking; implement pedestrian, transit and cycling improvements as per the City Centre ARP; maintain adequate winter maintenance of pedestrian facilities; and improve user information and wayfinding through maps, signage, etc.
The City Centre ARP sets out a framework for development and revitalization of this portion of the city.  This will occur over a number of years which will impact the demand for and supply of parking.  Bunt & Associates was retained to assess these changes and develop recommended strategies as part of a Parking Management Plan.  These strategies contain options on managing demand and increasing parking supply that the City can employ as the situation evolves over time.   
Extensive consultation was undertaken by Bunt & Associates through stakeholder workshops, public and business/employee surveys and direct engagement with the City Centre Business Association and City Administration.  The surveys had high response rates and strong stakeholder participation.
Bunt & Associates will be making the presentation to the Committee of the Whole on their findings and recommendations as set out in the City Centre Parking Management Plan.  The intent is to inform Council and obtain their feedback on the report. Administration will return to Council at a subsequent meeting with recommendations for moving forward. 
The Parking Management Plan sets out a flexible framework to manage the demand for and supply of parking over time geared to the pace of City Centre redevelopment.  There are some potential costs to implement the Plan as follows: 
  • Short-term Strategies - cost for additional parking signage and a robust communications plan; and 
  • Long-term Strategies - cost to implement any paid parking measures (offset by revenues); potential costs to implement shared parking measures with underutilized lots; and capital costs to secure land and improvements for off-street parking facilities.  Planning is underway to identify potential sites for public off-street parking.  

PowerPoint - Parking Management Plan - Bunt & Associates Ltd. 2021
Parking Management Plan - Bunt & Associates Ltd. 2021