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Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 10/13/2020  
Title: Council Delegation - Spruce Grove City Centre Business Association - Annual Report - Scobie
Department: Economic & Business Development
Where People Choose to Grow a Business - A strong, diversified business centre
Spruce Grove has a business environment that attracts new business to the city, encourages and supports new business start-ups, and helps ensure existing businesses are competitive, successful and profitable.

Request for Decision Summary
Pursuant to the City Centre Business Improvement Area (BIA) Bylaw C-966-16, City Council approval is required for the appointment of Board of Directors and the annual budget submitted by the City Centre Business Association.
Proposed Motion
That the Spruce Grove City Centre Business Association's 2020 Annual Report and 2019 Audited Financial Statements be received as information.
That the proposed 2021 Budget submitted by the Spruce Grove City Centre Business Association be approved as presented.
That Dr. Angela Cubos be appointed as President, Mandy Kenworthy be appointed as Secretary, and that Pauline Chomyszyn, Joseph Boros, Kirsten McQuat, Christine Veinotte, Amanda Wilhauk and Victor Moroz be appointed as directors of the Spruce Grove City Centre Business Association for the term beginning January 1, 2021 and ending December 31, 2022.

City Council approved the establishment of the City Centre Business Improvement Area (BIA) in August 2016 for the purpose of promoting the revitalization and redevelopment of the Spruce Grove City Centre. The Bylaw (C-966-16) further provided for the establishment of the City Centre Business Association (CCBA) as the Board for the BIA including the corporate bylaws under which the Board will operate. The Board is required to hold an annual general meeting to elect directors for a two year term, and to approve a budget for the calendar year. The recommended directors and annual budget are then submitted to City Council for approval. 

On September 9, 2020, the CCBA held its annual general meeting, electing Dr. Angela Cubos as President, Mandy Kenworthy as Secretary and Pauline Chomyszyn, Joseph Boros, Kirsten McQuat, Christine Veinotte, Amanda Wilhauk and Victor Moroz to the Board of Directors. The proposed 2021 budget was also approved at this meeting by the CCBA membership. Council has a voting member on the Board who is currently Councillor Erin Stevenson.  

It is understood that at least part of the annual budget will be funded through a BIA Levy which is payable by taxable businesses within the designated zone. For the 2021 budget, the amount to be raised through levy is $32,000 which is equal to the amount approved in 2020. If the budget is approved tonight and after the tax roll is prepared by the City's Assessor, Finance will prepare bylaws for Council's approval for both the 2021 BIA Tax and the 2021 BIA Tax Rate. This can be expected to occur within the first quarter of 2021.

The budget funds a series of popular signature events in the City Centre throughout the year to in addition to their role in partnering with the City in the development of a City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan.
City Administration continues to work closely with the CCBA to develop a plan and process for moving forward in the revitalization of the BIA zone. This includes the commencement and implementation of an Area Redevelopment Plan.

Notice of the proposed budget coming before Council was sent to all businesses within the zone as per the requirements in the Business Improvement Area Regulation. The regulation also stipulates that persons representing those businesses may, with Council's permission, speak at the meeting when the budget is being considered by Council. The CCBA has requested to come as a delegation to speak to their submission as both their Board and attached budget were presented and approved at their recent AGM.
On Wednesday, September 9th, the Spruce Grove City Centre Business Association (CCBA) held their Annual General Meeting (AGM). It should be noted that all of the attached documents were presented to their membership and each one was approved unanimously.  All members of the CCBA were provided with written notice in advance of the AGM including the proposed budget.  
The CCBA has had an integral role in the process leading to the development of the City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP). This has included extensive stakeholder involvement and working with the City toward the creation of a vision and plan for the revitalization of the City Centre. This resulted in a number of background studies which ultimately led to the development of a draft ARP. The City Centre ARP was approved by City Council on April 27th, 2020.

The CCBA will continue to work with the City through the detailed planning and implementation phases starting in late 2020 and continuing over the next 3-5 years. We believe that through this partnership, local businesses have taken ownership of the initiative and together we are bringing about meaningful change for the benefit of the community. The CCBA has championed the City Centre ARP process and continues to work with the City in the implementation of the vision.  For the City, the City Centre project is an investment which as redevelopment occurs over time will drive higher assessment values and contribute to growing its tax revenues. 

As part of this vision, there are a number of events that they conduct to ensure a positive impact is being made for the stakeholders.  The City Centre Business Association (CCBA) has sponsored a number of successful and high profile events intended to draw residents to the City Centre. Their signature events include the five Public Markets for the summer which draw between 3,500 - 4,500 people per market, weather dependent; Spring Fest and a Fall Fest event complete with pumpkin painting and a scarecrow contest. In addition, there are a number of other spontaneous events that are now taking place throughout the year as a result. All of these events are driving interest and activity in the downtown core which, is starting to have an impact on business. The City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan is a joint effort between the City and the CCBA and will continue to build on this by involving businesses in helping to shape the future of the area.

Unfortunately, most events were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused the majority of the CCBA's 2020 Signature Events to be cancelled. These cancellations forced the CCBA to get creative to still find ways to engage and promote the City Centre Businesses to the community in a time when so much was unknown. Some of the replacement events included, a City Centre Small Business Bingo, Sunday's Small Business Showcase, the addition of a Scarecrow Festival to the Fall Fest event and a revamping of Moonlight Madness. All these new and revised events were quickly designed to adhere to the best practices outlined by municipal and provincial officials.

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