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Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 10/13/2020  
Title: CP-1016-19 Asset Management Policy - Boje
Presenter: Wendy Boje
Department: Corporate Services

Request for Decision Summary
Administration provided Committee of the Whole, at its meeting on May 19, 2020, with an overview of the development and implementation of a corporate asset management program, along with the draft Asset Management Policy, CP-1016-19 that identifies the principles and objectives of the program. Administration is now bringing the policy before Council for review and approval.   

Proposed Motion
That Policy CP-1016-19, Asset Management be approved as presented.  
The City of Spruce Grove is committed to the safe, reliable, cost effective and environmentally responsible provision of services to its residents, business and visitors.  An element of this commitment is the effective stewardship of its assets through governance, policy, and practices supported through a corporate asset management program.

The City aims to apply leading asset management practices to effectively manage assets through their life cycle. Optimal value will be delivered through a sustainable investment plan that balances cost, risk, and performance and the governance element of this is reflected though the proposed Asset Management Policy, CP-1016-19.
The Policy is built on the principles of resiliency, sustainability, fiscal responsibility, and the protection of public health and safety. The following asset management objectives stemming from these principles are laid out in section 4 of the policy:
• Adopt a lifecycle approach
• Provide optimal value
• Ensure sustainability
• Optimize service levels
• Continuously improve
• Support Strategic direction
• Safety Focus
These objectives are directly related to leading asset management practices and will set the foundation for the City’s approach to and implementation of its corporate asset management program.

This policy was brought before Committee of the Whole along with an introduction to and overview of the City's corporate asset management program. Committee discussed Council's responsibilities identified within the policy and how asset management would inform capital planning.

Administration continues to build the asset management program through the various portfolios such as roads, facilities, water utility and parks and open spaces, guided by the principles and objectives set out in the policy. As the various portfolios are integrated, they will inform capital planning strategies for Council’s consideration which will be implemented through the capital and operating budgets that Council approves.

This approach will also be concurrently integrated into the organization's corporate planning process, specifically into the Capital Planning deliberations and help to mature it, contributing to long-term sustainability and the growth of a great city.
Council may direct that amendments be made to the policy prior to its approval.
The following consultation and engagement has taken place:
  • The  Committee of the Whole reviewed the draft policy on May 19, 2020 and provided feedback on the policy and program approach
  • The Policy is founded from Asset Management best practices across the Country and the research of the Federal Canadian Municipalities.
  • The Policy (and ensuing program) has been incorporated into Administration's asset management and capital planning practices.
The policy was presented to Committee of the Whole on May 19, 2020 and Administration has incorporated that discussion into the Asset Management Program and the framing of the discussions that will inform Capital Planning Decisions for Budget 2021.

The asset management policy will inform, through the the objectives in section 4, an asset management strategy that will be brought forward to the City Manager for approval once the policy has been approved.
The Asset Management Policy will provide clarity on the overall approach and direction of the corporate asset management program that can then support the City in optimizing its resources and ensure greater sustainability.

CP-1016-19 - Asset Management Policy
Asset Management Policy Approval Presentation