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Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 08/12/2019  
Title: Conversion Therapy Ban - Levasseur
Department: Corporate Services

Request for Decision Summary
A notice of motion was brought forward by Councillor Stevenson at the July 15, 2019 regular council meeting regarding conversion therapy in Spruce Grove. 

Proposed Motion
That administration research and prepare a report back to Council by October 15, 2019 regarding the potential to ban the practice of conversion therapy in Spruce Grove. The report will provide the following information, but not limited to:

• the legal processes required to ban conversion therapy;
• the changes required to our Land Use Bylaw so that conversion therapy is not a permitted or discretionary use;
• the changes required to the business license bylaw;
• information on what other municipalities in Alberta are doing to end conversion therapy practices; and
• what enforcement and fine options should be applied to anyone found to be practicing conversion therapy in our city.
On July 15, 2019, Councillor Stevenson gave notice of her intent to move the attached motion. 

Notice of Motion Process
A notice of motion must be given in order for Council to bring a proposal forward for Council's consideration. A notice of motion is intended to provide Councillors with some warning so that they are not called upon to consider a matter unexpectedly.

A notice of motion must be given during a regular council meeting, and a written copy of the notice must be provided to the City Manager. A notice of motion is not debatable. 

Once notice of a motion is given at a council meeting, the motion as read into the record will automatically appear on the agenda at the next regular council meeting unless otherwise stated.

During the next regular council meeting, the Councillor who provided notice will move the motion, and Council may then debate and vote on the motion.
If council approves this motion, direction will be given to Administration to prepare a report  regarding the potential to ban the practice of conversion therapy in Spruce Grove. As indicated in the motion, this report will be provided to Council no later than October 15, 2019.

If Council chooses not to approve this motion, no action will be taken. 

July 15, 2019 Notice of Motion