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Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 05/08/2017  
Title: Automated Traffic Enforcement Review - Wolanski
Department: Community & Protective Services
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Request for Decision Summary
As requested by Council, administration reviewed the current operations of Automated Traffic Enforcement.

Proposed Motion
That the Automatic Traffic Enforcement Operational Effectiveness Review be received as information.

Administration, on the direction of council, established a team to review the City's use and involvement of Automated Traffic Enforcement.  The review included a range of supervisors and manages from Communications, Fire Services, Safe City, Engineering, RCMP, and Finance.  It also took advantage of a previously scheduled audit by Alberta Justice and Solicitor General and a province wide meeting of police and municipalities hosted by Alberta Justice and Solicitor General. 

Spruce Grove is the safest city in Canada according to a report released by Allstate, and research focused on the declining instances of violators and lessening of collision severity has been reported on in previous Protective Services reports.  For these reasons the report focused on items such as legal authority,  operational decisions, cost, and public awareness.  Documents used for the review included a presentation by the Traffic Research Chair Department of Civil Engineering University of Alberta, Alberta Justice Solicitor General audit, Automated Traffic Enforcement Guidelines and the Automated Traffic Enforcement Training Guidelines, as well as the Edmonton and Area Traffic Safety Culture Survey: Summary of key findings.

The report contains seven recommendations for improvement.  Those that are operational in nature and can be actioned within the current system will be and those that require contract changes or corporate plan approval will be phased in as per the corporate plan and tendering processes.
Input was requested and received from several sections of the city including Finance, Communications, Engineering, Safe City, and Fire Services.  In addition the RCMP were a very engaged partner in this report and information was reviewed from Alberta Justice and Solicitor General as well as information from the Edmonton Office of Traffic Safety.
Recommendations will be implemented in accordance with City policies.
Continued improvement of Road Safety in Spruce Grove.

ATE Report