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Committee of the Whole Meeting
Meeting Date: 06/21/2010  
2010 Municipal Census Report - Goodwin
Presenter: Goodwin
Department: Corporate Services

That the 2010 Municipal Census report be accepted as information.
To provide Committee with the results of the 2010 municipal census.
Spruce Grove has experienced a surge in development and population growth in recent years and administration conducted a municipal census in the spring of 2010 to quantify and capture that growth.

A Census Coordinator was hired to oversee the municipal census project along with 20 enumerators who visited 10,446 properties in the city.

Census day was established as April 9, 2010 and the census itself was conducted from April 9, 2010 to May 6, 2010.

99% of Spruce Grove residents participated in the 2010 municipal census and from this a population of 24,646 was generated. This is a 5.66% increase (1,320 residents) from the last reported number of 23,326 from the 2009 municipal census.

Spruce Grove's population is fairly evenly split between males (12,228) and females (12,418).

Administration will report this population number to Alberta Municipal Affairs prior to September 1, 2010 as per the Municipal Government Act Determination of Population Regulation.

The City Clerk section will report the population number to Alberta Municipal Affairs and provide the detailed reports to administration.
Strategic Goals
The 2010 municipal census contributes to the following strategic goals;
• Benefiting from growth
• Serving the community
• Growing our economic base

Basic Statistics Report
Age - Population Distribution Chart
Dwelling Summary
Map of Census Areas