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RFD- 4048 Business Items   Item #   11. a.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 09/14/2020  
Title:    Review of Municipal Order - Rendle Appeal - Grey
Department: Corporate Services  
Strategic Vision Element: Related Goal:

Request for Decision Summary
The purpose of this report is to provide Council with background information on the appeal of a municipal order issued for a violation of the C-911-15 - Traffic Bylaw, Section 8.1 - Highway Obstructions.  This order requests the trimming and/or removal of any vegetation which encroaches or obstructs the back alley behind 32 Greystone Crescent, Spruce Grove, by August 27, 2020. The order has been held in abeyance pending Council's decision.

Presentations will be made from the appellant, Ms. Noelle Rendle, and from the respondent, the City of Spruce Grove represented by Inspector / Assistant Deputy Chief Lorne Adamitz. Council will then decide to confirm, substitute, vary or cancel the order.

Proposed Motion
That the Municipal Government Act Order issued on August 13, 2020 referencing file number SGE2020-002350 be upheld and that the requirements be met by the appellant by ______________.


That the Municipal Government Act Order issued August 13, 2020 referencing file number SGE2020-002350 be varied by [...].


That the Municipal Government Act Order issued on August 13, 2020 referencing file number SGE2020-002350 be deemed [invalid or patently unreasonable] and that the order be cancelled. 
An order was issued in accordance with Section 545 of the Municipal Government Act, requesting remedy of a contravention of section 8.1 of C-911-15 - Traffic Bylaw. This order requested the trimming and/or removal of any vegetation which encroaches or obstructs the back alley behind 32 Greystone Crescent, Spruce Grove.
Section 547 of the Municipal Government Act indicates that a person who receives an order may request Council to review that order. The appellant, Ms. Rendle, requested a Section 547 review of the order on August 25, 2020.


Inspector / Assistant Deputy Chief Lorne Adamitz will represent the City of Spruce Grove and will provide reasons for the order being placed.

Ms. Noelle Rendle will present any evidence related to this matter and may request any changes to the order.

If any witnesses are brought forward, both the City representative and the appellant may ask questions. 

Once both parties have concluded their presentations, Council may wish to ask questions.

In accordance with Section 547 of the Municipal Government Act, Council may confirm, vary, substitute or cancel the order after the review is completed.

Matters Council may wish to consider when hearing the review are:  
  • Does the order meet the requirements of the bylaw;
  • Did a contravention of the bylaw occur; and 
  • Is the order reasonable. 

Each member of Council may wish to consider any previous involvement they may have had with this issue or the appellant, Ms. Rendle, and in the interests of objectivity and due process, excuse themselves from the review.
Council may choose one of three courses of action:

Confirm the Order

This course of action will confirm that the order is indeed valid and the appellant must meet its requirements. Since the date of August 27, 2020 that was indicated on the order in which the requirements of the order must be met has passed, Council will have to indicate a new date for the requirements to be met by.

Vary the Order

This course of action will allow Council to vary the requirements associated with compliance with the order. 

Cancel the Order

This course of action may be pursued to rectify errors in the order or patently unreasonable requirements of the order. 

Legislation allows for substitution, however this refers to substitution of persons and in this case, would not be relevant. 
Once a decision has been made, Administration will communicate the decision to the appellant. 
Memo to Council from Enforcement Services
Municipal Order Response Letter - Noelle Rendle

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