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RFD- 4033 Business Items   Item #   11. b.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 08/17/2020  
Title:    Arena Complex Public Participation - Wolanski
Department: City Manager  
Strategic Vision Element: This topic relates to all three of the City’s strategic vision elements contained in Council’s Strategic Plan Related Goal:

Request for Decision Summary
The purpose of this Request for Decision is to provide an update to Council on the City's public participation plan for the Arena Complex.

Proposed Motion
That the report on the Arena Complex Public Participation Plan be received as information.

The City started a process in 2014 to look at the feasibility of constructing a Sport and Event Centre as an anchor project for creating a destination Centre as part of the Westwind development. The concept was to take the twin arena project in the City’s long-term capital plan and consider whether it made sense to add event hosting capacity to one of the arenas.
In November 2017 the City of Spruce Grove submitted an application to the Coal Community Transition Fund and received $255,000 to support the next stage of project definition and feasibility assessment on the proposed Sport and Event Centre as an important component of Spruce Grove’s economic diversification strategy. Approximately $71,000 remains unexpended.
In May 2018 City Council approved a terms of reference for a study which included a review of three options for the facility that vary in scope and functional design and have different price points. All three options are variations on a twin pad arena with different functional elements included. As such, they represent different configurations of community needs and economic benefits.
In January 2019 Sierra Planning presented the Proposed Arena Complex Business Case Analysis. Based on the previously approved terms of reference the presentation covered the following items: Scope and Needs Analysis, Functional Design, Financial Performance and Funding Analysis.
In February 2019 the Clarification of Key Items Memorandum on the Arena Complex/Event Centre Business Case Report from Sierra Planning was presented to City Council. In addition it was recommended that the City of Spruce Grove retain a public relations consultant to design, coordinate and manage a public participation process for the Arena Complex/Event Centre.
Tri-indoor Recreation Facility Strategy
In July 2017 the Tri Indoor Recreation Facility Strategy for the Tri-Municipal Region was completed. The plan is intended to be guiding in nature and recognizes that each of the three municipal partners maintains full autonomy to pursue indoor recreation facility development as directed by their respective councils. The strategy identifies the following facility types as most needed for the region:
  1. Leisure Swimming;
  2. Ice Arenas;
  3. Indoor Adventure;
  4. Fitness/Wellness; and
  5. Fieldhouse/Dry Floor Areas.
The plan is intended to serve as a framework for regional collaboration and is intended to guide decisions regarding the development and enhancement of indoor recreation facilities in the Tri-Region over the next ten years. It is intended to be guiding in nature and recognizes that each municipal partner maintains full autonomy to pursue indoor recreation facility development as directed by their respective councils. Strategy results were based on primary and secondary research and community and staff input. Community consultation involved a combination of household, intercept and online surveys along with stakeholder interviews and workshops.
In January 2019 the Town of Stony Plain Council received, from its administration, a preliminary site concept plan for a major recreation facility development on a section of property in the Town’s southwest quadrant. The concept identified both indoor and outdoor facility types including a fieldhouse, arena, aquatics, outdoor rink, baseball diamonds and rugby field complete with clubhouse. Two new schools are also identified for the site. The plan also proposes that the two existing facilities, the Westridge Curling Rink and Glenn Hall Centennial Arena would remain active for the present time.  The Town's proposal has been amended in their Corporate Plan identifying an estimate $30 million facility focusing on either aquatics or a fieldhouse/gym. 

On July 20, 2020 administration sought direction from Council on several options including:
  1. Continue investigation of a Multi-Use Sport and Event Centre along with second community ice surface;
  2. Pursue investigation of a spectator ice facility along with second community ice surface;
  3. Pursue investigation of a standalone twin ice facility; and
  4. Pursue investigation of additional recreation considerations identified in the Indoor Facility Strategy as part of an overall facility or a combination of multiple facilities.

Council passed a motion for the City to continue its investigation of options 2 and 3 and to develop a public participation plan around those options.  The attached participation plan is being provided to Council for information as an update to that motion.
The full details of the participation plan will be finalized once an external consultant has been secured by the City.  Additional information/updates will be provided as required.  Council may choose additional engagement depending on the participation findings/report and additional information on the project provided by administration.  
In addition to the public participation plan, administration wanted to update Council on the City's internal approach to managing the project.  A multi-departmental Arena Project Team has been established which will serve as the body giving direction and approval of actions based on direction/decisions of Council.  Community and Protective Services will act as the overall sponsor of the project and moving forward will be the presenter of reports and presentations to Council, supported by subject matter experts on specific aspects of the project. 

Additionally, sub-teams have been established in the following areas:
  • Public Engagement/Communications
  • Developer Relations/Negotiations
  • Spruce Grove Saints/User Group Relations
  • Business/Functional Planning
  • Regional Collaboration
These sub-teams receive direction from and report to the overall project team.  The intent is to streamline the various components and analysis to the appropriate area.  There is also coordinated project management support taking place to ensure all of the various components are aligned and tracked.  This structure is intended to be in place until a decision of Council is made.  The decision of Council will have an impact on the project management approach taken by administration at that time.  

Additionally, the City continues to participate in the Regional Plan work that is underway including a component on recreation.  Administration also regularly communicates with regional partners and, as identified above, a regional collaboration sub-team has been established as a component to this project to ensure alignment with other possible recreation considerations, the Regional Plan, and Indoor Facility Study.
As identified in the attachment.

Fiscal Impact
Financial Implications:
As indicated, the City has $71,000 remaining from the Coal Community Transition Fund previously received for the participation plan and other further analysis.  Administration would report to Council on any proposed funding options for further analysis if required.
Arena Complex Public Participation Plan

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