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RFD- 4026 Business Items   Item #   11. a.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 08/17/2020  
Title:    Park Upgrades - Linkside - Levasseur
Department: Planning & Infrastructure  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Live - A dynamic city with an exceptional quality of life Related Goal: High quality leisure, recreational, commercial and social infrastructure and amenities as well as policies that meet the interests and needs of the greater community are in place and conveniently accessible.

Request for Decision Summary
A notice of motion was brought forward by Councillor Oldham at the Regular Council Meeting on Monday, July 20, 2020 to use Council Contingency funds to provide for upgrades to the park space south of Linksview Court.
Proposed Motion
That up to $5,000 from Council Contingency funds be used to upgrade the park east of Linksview Way and South of Linksview Court.
In response to feedback from local residents concerning the general condition of the greenspace an onsite meeting was organized by the Mayor's Office for July 17, 2020. Mayor Houston, Councillor Oldham, the Supervisor of Parks and Open Spaces and the Director of Public Works met with 5 local residents to discuss their concerns regarding overland drainage issues and the absence of quality landscaping in the area. It was agreed that longer term improvements would require funding that was not currently available, but Council's Contingency funds could provide for short-term improvements in 2020 which would likely consist of the installation of new trees and shrubs.
Option is to not provide funds to improve the landscape at this time.
It was agreed at the meeting on July 17 that should the motion be supported, communications between local residents and the Public Works department would be maintained so that ongoing consultations could occur regarding the specific landscape improvements to be undertaken this year.
If the motion is supported the Supervisor of Parks and Open Spaces will coordinate the completion of landscape upgrades by the end of 2020.
The installation of new trees and shrubs will improve the aesthetic of the park and add value to the space for users and local residents. The involvement of residents in problem solving and developing a vision for longer term landscaping and storm water management improvements will increase their social well-being and sense of community.

Fiscal Impact
Financial Implications:
Council Contingency Total Budget - $75,000

Expenditures to date - $26,800
Council Social - $3,300
City Centre Business Association - Public Market Event Support - $10,000
Canada Day Flag Initiative - $5,000
Spruce Up Spruce Fence Painting Initiative - $3,500
Rotary Club of Spruce Grove - COVID-19 Relief Efforts - $5,000

Expenditures for consideration:
Park Upgrades in Linkside - $5,000

Funds remaining in Council Council Contingency if approved - $43,200
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