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RFD- 3615 Delegations   Item #   5. a.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 08/12/2019  
Title:    Spruce Grove Public Library Board - 2020 Budget Presentation - Wolanski
Department: Community & Protective Services  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Live - A dynamic city with an exceptional quality of life Related Goal: Citizens consistently express high levels of satisfaction with municipal services.

Request for Decision Summary
Members of the Spruce Grove Public Library Board come before Council annually to provide an update of their activities and discuss their 2020 budget request. 

Proposed Motion
That the Spruce Grove Public Library 2020 budget presentation be received as information.

Representatives from the Spruce Grove Public Library Board will be in attendance to keep Council informed of the activities of library services within the City of Spruce Grove, and to present the Library's 2020 Budget request from Council. The purpose of the presentation is to ensure the sustainability and sufficiency of the library service in Spruce Grove as directed by the community in the Board's strategic planning process.

The City of Spruce Grove Library Board is recognized as a Management Board under Bylaw No. 327 of the City of Spruce Grove, and is governed by the Alberta Libraries Act.  The City of Spruce Grove Library Board consists of no more than 10 members, two of which are members of Council.  The Board currently operates with eight members of the public and two City Councillors.

Library Budget Process

The following is the Library Board's current budget process as outlined in the Letter of Understanding between the City of Spruce Grove and the Spruce Grove Public Library Board, dated August 11, 2015:


6.1   Budget Process

The Board and administration of the Library prepare the library's annual budget in accordance with the Libraries Act and in accordance with dates established by Council in order to facilitate Council's budget deliberations.

As per the Libraries Act, the Board annually requests from Council a grant for the purposes of supplying library services and programs to the community.  Direct payments are generally excluded from those which the annual municipal operating grant is intended to cover.

The Board determines the amount of the municipal operating grant request according to the Library's strategic planning process.

The Board meets with Council to present the Library's operating and capital budget requests as well as updates to its Plan of Service, at a time agreed upon by the Board and Council, with the format of presentation determined by the Board.
2020-2022 SGPL Budget Presentation

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