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  Business Items   Item #:   3. c.    
Committee of the Whole Meeting
Meeting Date: 06/21/2010  
Canadian/Japanese Society Kokusai Kauyou Facility Options - Hales
Presenter: David Hales Submitted By: Planning & Infrastructure
Department: Planning & Infrastructure  
Strategic Vision Element: Related Goal:

That Committee provide administration with direction on the future disposition of the the Kokusai Kauyou facility at 600 Main Street so this can be reflected in the deliberations for the for the 2011 - 2013 Fiscal Plan.
To share possible options for future disposition of the former Kokusai Kauyou School building at 600 Main Street to Council, allowing Administration to prepare an appropriate budget initiative for Council's future consideration.
On the 29th of January 2010 the Spruce Grove Canadian/Japanese Society was dissolved leaving all assets to the City of Spruce Grove. The building at 600 Main Street has value as an asset and options need to be considered to the future uses of this facility which has currently been secured and closed for use.

Administration has researched typical options related to the reuse and/or disposition of the building.
1. Renovate the building for re-use - $235,000.00

Scope would bring the facility up to the standard of a leasable shell.  Expected work would include repairs to the exterior structure and ensuring that the interior components meet current safety codes at a cost of $135,000.  Also required would be creation of adequate access and parking for this facility at a cost of $100,000.

Possible Uses:
- Provide facility for third party lease tenants, daycare, medical professionals, financial / legal professionals.
- Provide facility for City managed rental space for community uses.
- Provide for City office uses (Currently no need at this time)

No business plan has been undertaken for this option (it is simply presented as a possibility), nor do we have an understanding of the local market demand for this type of property.  If this option is preferred, we would recommend that this work be undertaken to ensure the City fully understands the economics of puting this property on the market.

2. Relocate the building to Jubilee Park - $1,085,000+
The former Kokusai Kauyou facility has been reviewed by an experienced building mover at a level sufficient to determine viability and approximate cost.  It is possible (though costly) for the building to be moved and relocated onto a new foundation at Jubilee park.  This could eliminate the requirements for design and build of a yet to be designed new structure at Jubilee Park while retaining the old building which may be found to have sentimental value to the community.

Relocation of the existing facility onto a new foundation is estimated to cost $350,000, with the additional costs of $135,000 to repair exterior structure and bring interior components up to meet existing building codes similar to the discussion in option 1.  This does not include costs for utility connections (water, sanitary sewer, gas or electricity) which could be significant. 

Current need for this facility within Jubilee park has not been identified.  For budget purposes, a cost of $150/sq. ft. would bring this facility to the same finish level as the recent FCSS office project completed at the Queen Street Medical Centre.  Total cost for this fit out would be in the order of an additional $600,000 .

3. Demolish the building - $80,000
Demolition of this facility and re-grading of the site would allow for elimination of ongoing building costs and would provide more space for the downtown playground that will be built in this area.  It is unlikely this option would be viewed positively by the community and removal of the old school building removes a significant piece of the rationale for constructing a small Japanese garden as an interpretive element of the current park design that has been shared with (and supported by) the public. 
None to date.  We expect there will be a high degree of community interest in the final disposition of this facility.  We are also aware of a number of community groups have informally expressed  interest in gaining use of the building in its current condition.  No commitments have been made.  
None to date.
Strategic Goals

Fiscal Impact
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