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Committee of the Whole Meeting
Meeting Date: 06/21/2010  
Mayor's Task Force on the Environment - Results of Student Engagement Initiative - Hales
Presenter: Amber Nicol Submitted By: Planning & Infrastructure
Department: Planning & Infrastructure  
Strategic Vision Element: Related Goal:

That Committee recognize the contributions of students from Parkland School Division 70 and Evergreen Catholic Separate Regional School Division No.2 to the Mayor's Task Force on the Environment and thank the Millgrove School students in attendance.
To provide Committee with an overview on the results of the Mayor's Task Force on the Environment student engagement initiative and to recognize the efforts of the students who participated.

As part of the Mayor’s Task Force on the Environment, the City of Spruce Grove worked with the local school boards and teachers to engage children and youth in identifying environmental issues of importance to them. Submissions to the Task Force took a variety of forms including posters, letters, videos, presentations, and a banner. Approximately 350 students participated in this initiative from five schools. Students showed a good understanding of environmental issues and raised a number of good ideas through their submissions. The attached report 'MTFE - Results of Student Engagement Initiative' provides an overview of the input received from the students. 

The Grade 4S class at Millgrove School will present Council with the banner they prepared as part of this initiative. The theme of the banner is 'It's Cool to Bike to School'.

Next Steps

The input from the students will be reviewed in more detail by the Task Force and incorporated into its findings and recommendations.  Examples of the submissions received will be posted on the City’s website in mid-June and displayed at the Task Force open house in September.
That Committee thank the Millgrove students for attending Council and recognize the efforts of all the students who submitted something as part of this initiative.
Strategic Goals
Embracing Environmental Stewardship.

Fiscal Impact
MTFE - Results of Student Engagement Initiative

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