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RFD- 3972 Business Items   Item #:   4. a.    
Committee of the Whole Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 05/19/2020  
Title:    Draft Recovery Framework - Farbrother
Department: Corporate Services  
Strategic Vision Element: This topic relates to all three of the City’s strategic vision elements contained in Council’s Strategic Plan Related Goal: n/a

Request for Decision Summary
The City of Spruce Grove Administration has developed a draft Recovery Framework.  

Proposed Motion
That the draft Recovery Framework be received as information. 
The unprecedented local arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has led the City to activate its Municipal Emergency Plan and the City’s Emergency Management Agency.  While the Emergency Management Plan and Agency have been in operation now since early March, it is time to turn the attention to the future; planning for the recovery phase that will guide the City and the community towards sustainability and resiliency during and post COVID-19.

As the Canadian Government continues to evaluate the necessary programming to support the economy and the various industries across the country, the Alberta Government has turned its mind to specific recovery strategies within the Province itself. The Alberta Relaunch Strategy announced by the Province on May 1, 2020, sets out three distinct stages to the recovery phase, with the first shift effective May 14, 2020. As evidenced in the announcement for stage one May 14th, the Province is employing a mix of health and economic drivers to inform provincial business, social and general administration activities in the private, not for profit and public sectors. Using a regional lens over top of those of health and economic drivers, it is understood that the recovery will be a gradual process that will need to adjust pending the intensity and duration of the pandemic provincially and internationally.

Nested underneath the Provincial approach is the opportunity for municipalities to develop specific strategies and plans to look to the future coming out of COVID-19.  Regional entities such as the Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Board, which Spruce Grove is a member of, are developing a number of economic related strategies and tools for deployment in the business community and member municipalities.  Specific to individual municipalities, approaches to recovery efforts vary from formal task forces, to Council Committees, to administration led recovery plans and engagement strategies.  The focus of these structures are on the recovery and future resiliency of their local business and community foundations.  Each approach has its advantages, pending the makeup and needs of the municipality.  Optimally the choice in a recovery structure needs to provide for agility and flexibility in developing and acting on plans while sourcing subject matter knowledge from the community.  The ability to have an approach that is agile and flexible will be paramount as the effects and timeframes of the pandemic are uncertain, including the provincial relaunch stages.  The plan must have the ability to adjust to these changing conditions in order to be effective.

Over the past two weeks, City Administration has developed a draft Recovery Framework for consideration and discussion with Committee.  The Framework is designed to be flexible and reflect the needs of the community across the spectrums of business, community and governance.  The Framework acknowledges the need for community engagement across those spectrums and incorporates a multitude of influences starting at the provincial level and working inward to the municipality.  Lastly the Framework enables the identification and actioning of a wide range of steps over the immediate and long term to support the City of Spruce Grove recovering from the pandemic and strengthening its future resilience and sustainability.
The City may choose a different approach from the Recovery Framework strategic approach.  It may wish to continue to leverage on-going federal, provincial and regional lead programming and maximize the use of those tools in the municipality.  This approach provides consistency to other orders of government and administration programming but may not enable effectively the unique opportunities for the City that COVID-19 has surfaced.
Another alternative is that the City choose to develop a Recovery Plan and implement the actions out of the Plan through clear timelines.  This approach, while clear in terms of deliverables, does not enable the level of flexibility that is likely to be required to respond to the continuous changing environment brought about from COVID-19.  With the large number of unknowns (i.e. duration and intensity of the pandemic), it is difficult to accurately and effectively roll out a full scale recovery plan at this juncture.  The Recovery Framework and the ensuing steps and actions are the starting blocks of a journey with the City of Spruce Grove residents and businesses.  Through continued learning, reflection and identification of opportunities, the Framework can enable other concepts. 
The draft Recovery Framework was developed using the insight of the City’s subject matter experts in the areas of economic development, community development, financial and strategic policy and land use planning.  These members in turn utilized their community, regional and provincial contacts and groups to inform the draft Framework content and initial actions and activities.
If the draft Recovery Framework and it’s approach is supported by Committee, a more systematic approach to engaging the community in the areas of focus would be developed.
Starting with a discussion at the Committee of the Whole on May 19th, pending Committee's feedback, the City can develop a robust communications plan that will also address the engagement elements of the  draft Recovery Framework.
The outcomes of the City embracing a Recovery Framework approach and the various actions and steps have not been clearly defined yet, but certainly point towards economic prosperity, revitalization of the community’s social fabric and administrative efficiency.

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