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RFD- 3915 Bylaws   Item #   10. a.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 05/25/2020  
Title:    C-1096-19 - Land Use Bylaw Text Amendment - R2 District - Fee Simple Row Housing - Second and Third Reading - Levasseur
Department: Planning & Infrastructure  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Live - A dynamic city with an exceptional quality of life Related Goal: The City maintains a constant inventory of available land, both developed and developable, to ensure businesses can find properties that meet their needs.

Request for Decision Summary
This Request for Decision seeks Council's Second reading of Bylaw C-1096-19, a Land Use Bylaw text amendment to the R2 - Mixed Medium to High Density Residential District to allow Row Housing, Street Oriented with rear attached Garage, on fee simple parcels.

Since First Reading, administration has amended the Bylaw by retaining Section 116 (3) (c) (ii) to ensure needed regulation of other Row Housing types.

Administration supports this Bylaw as amended.
Proposed Motion
That second reading be given to Bylaw C-1096-19 - Text Amendment R2 District - Fee Simple Row Housing, as amended.
That third reading be given to Bylaw C-1096-19 - Text Amendment R2 District - Fee Simple Row Housing. 
Select Engineering Consultants on behalf of the Urban Development Institute (UDI) - Spruce Grove Regional Committee, has made an application to amend the R2 - Mixed Medium to High Density Residential District (R2 District) of the Land Use Bylaw. The amendment proposes changes to allow the development of Row Housing, Street Oriented with rear attached Garages on narrow lots that are 4.2 m (14 feet) wide. This width is 23% smaller than the current minimum standard of 5.5 m (18 feet) for existing Row Housing, Street Oriented parcels.
The proposed row housing will be developed on narrow fee simple, individually titled lots, as opposed to a condominium development where owners would have to pay condominium fees, which makes it a sought after product in the marketplace.
The proposed row housing developments would have alley access, and each unit will have its own driveway and attached garage providing a minimum two on-site parking stalls. It is anticipated that the higher on-site parking provision of this use will reduce the overall impact on on-street parking. The proposed row housing type has a compact footprint, and it would support the City to meet higher density targets for new neighbourhoods.

Municipal Development Plan
Your Bright Future, Municipal Development Plan 2010-2020 (MDP) is the City's primary statutory plan for land use planning. The MDP policy speaks to integrating a variety of housing types and densities to create diverse streetscapes in neighbourhoods and increase diversity in housing stock. The proposed bylaw amendment is consistent with the MDP's housing objectives and policy intent.
Land Use Bylaw
The R2 Mixed Medium to High Density Residential District of the Land Use Bylaw C-842-12 is intended to accommodate a mix of medium to high density dwelling types to provide flexibility and design in the development of neighbourhoods and puts an emphasis on the interface of the developments and the street. The proposed row housing on narrow lots would achieve a density of more than 60 units per hectare, which is higher than the District's current minimum density standard of 40 units per hectare. The proposed bylaw amendment also includes new provisions for landscaping requirements associated with the proposed row housing developments that will support a higher quality interface between the development and the street.
Council may discuss and recommend changes to this Bylaw prior to voting on a motion to approve second reading. If Council recommends substantial changes, the motion for second reading may be referred back to Administration to incorporate these changes. If this option is chosen, second and third reading will be brought back for Council’s consideration at a later date.If Council votes in favour of second reading, Council may vote on a motion for third reading.
A public hearing for this proposed Bylaw was held earlier in this Council meeting, and it was noticed per the requirements of the Municipal Government Act. 

The proposed bylaw amendment incorporates comments resulting from consultation with other city departments, including Engineering and Public Works, and has received support for the amendment.
If approved, the Land Use Bylaw and the website will be updated to reflect the proposed text amendment.
The proposed bylaw amendment will allow Row Housing, Street Oriented on narrow fee simple lots without condominium fees. It will provide for increased choice in the housing market.
Bylaw C-1096-19
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