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RFD- 3807 Bylaws   Item #   10. b.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 05/25/2020  
Title:    C-1102-19 - Municipal Development Plan Amendment - EMRB Updates - Second Reading - Levasseur
Department: Planning & Infrastructure  
Strategic Vision Element: This topic relates to all three of the City’s strategic vision elements contained in Council’s Strategic Plan Related Goal: n/a

Request for Decision Summary
Second reading of Bylaw C-1102-19 Municipal Development Plan Bylaw Amendment, as amended, is being brought forward for Council's consideration for changes that will update the City’s Bylaw C-960-16 Municipal Development Plan Your Bright Future 2010 - 2020 (MDP), to bring it into conformance with the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan (the Growth Plan). The Bylaw has been amended from first reading to adjust the language of revised Policy and add a definition for "Built-up Urban Areas". 

Administration supports this Bylaw.

Proposed Motion
That second reading be given to Bylaw C-1102-19 Municipal Development Plan Bylaw Amendment, as amended.
The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (the Board) adopted the Growth Plan in October 2017, and the City of Spruce Grove as a member municipality of the Board was required to review our MDP for inconsistencies with the Growth Plan and then undertake any amendments required to bring it into compliance.

On October 9, 2018, Council approved a Regional Context Statement that outlined how the City's MDP conforms with or diverges from the spirit and intent of the Growth Plan.  This resolution also directed administration to prepare MDP amendments required to bring it into conformity.   Bylaw C-1102-19 proposes those changes required to bring the MDP in conformance with the Growth Plan, and also proposes some minor maintenance-type changes that take advantage of this update opportunity. The following MDP amendments, as identified in the Regional Context Statement, are proposed to bring it into conformance with the Growth Plan:
  • update ‘Capital Region’ usage to ‘Edmonton Metropolitan Region’ in text, figures, and definitions;
  • identify that the City is within the Metropolitan Area policy tier of the Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Structure;
  • add policy to encourage a 10% increase of residential dwelling units in built-up urban areas including established neighbourhoods, add an 'established neighbourhoods' land use category on MDP Figure 8, and remove existing 25 dwelling units per net residential hectare (du/nrha) maximum density for established neighbourhoods;
  • increase new Area Structure Plan minimum greenfield density to 35 du/nrha;
  • adjust when Area Structure Plan amendments will be referred to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board for a Regional Evaluation Framework review, where required;
  • add policy to pursue achieving an aspirational density target of 100 du/nrha in the City Centre;
  • add support policy for the Edmonton International Airport; and,
  • add policy requiring agricultural impact assessments.
The MDP maintenance updates proposed are: the removal of references that no annexations are required during the life of the MDP; updating the Figure 6 and Figure 7 for recent changes; and, adjusting the ‘Gateway Lands’ terminology to ‘Westwind Lands’.

Since first reading was given on February 24, 2020, the proposed Bylaw has been revised to adjust the language of revised Policy and add a definition for "Built-up Urban Areas". 
This Bylaw is being brought forward for second reading only. Discussion and consideration of changes to the Bylaw may be made during second reading, and if it is carried it will be circulated to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board for their approval consideration prior to third reading.
Bylaw C-1102-19 is brought forward pursuant to Council's previously discussed Regional Context Statement review that was approved October 9, 2018, and forwarded to the Board on October 10, 2018.  

A public hearing for this proposed Bylaw was held earlier in this Council meeting, and it was noticed per the requirements of the Municipal Government Act. 
Council's approval of this MDP Amendment will fulfill a legislated requirement to update the City’s development policy framework to be consistent with the Growth Plan by October 2020.
Adoption of Bylaw C-1102-19 will bring the City into compliance with the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan, and require the City to plan and pursue development that supports implementing the growth directions of the Growth Plan's Metropolitan Area policy tier.  The City will review regulations and other policies for any required changes to conform with the amended MDP policy. 
Bylaw C-1102-19
Regional Context Statement
Redline Edits of Proposed Bylaw C-1102-19
Redline Edits Built-up Urban Areas

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