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RFD- 3925 Business Items   Item #   11. c.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 03/23/2020  
Title:    Relocation of Eco Centre to Public Works - Levasseur
Department: Planning & Infrastructure  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Live - A dynamic city with an exceptional quality of life Related Goal: Citizens consistently express high levels of satisfaction with municipal services.

Request for Decision Summary
Following Public Works move to their newly constructed facility in 2015 an initiative was developed to move the Eco Centre operations to the old public works site in 2018 to take advantage of the vacated yard space and provide room for any potential future growth needs. An initiative was subsequently approved for 2019 to complete a design and scoping process that would provide a site layout and cost estimates to complete the move to 1 Schram Street in 2020.

Administration is seeking re-affirmation from Council as this item was approved through the Corporate Planning process for 2020, however, Council wished to have additional information brought forward prior to Spring Budget Adjustment.
Proposed Motion
That the update on 2020-2022 Corporate Plan initiative CE418.6, Relocation of the Eco Centre to Public Works, be received as information.
Spruce Grove opened its first Eco Centre in 2007 at 210 Calahoo Road before moving to its current location at 50 Diamond Avenue in September of 2008. The City opened the Eco Centre to provide recycling options as a complementary service to the newly introduced curbside automated collection and blue bag service. The Eco Centre was staffed with contracted attendants until Public Works hired staff to assume the ongoing operation of the facility in 2009.

In 2014 Public Works commissioned a consultant to complete an operational review of the Eco Centre to provide observations and recommendations considering what other communities were doing, our current practices and challenges, and where we could potentially look to improve our operations. Several of the recommendations discussed traffic congestion, good site design and potentially moving to a larger site.

When Public Works moved to the new facility it was agreed that there was an opportunity to move the Eco Centre to the Schram location and this supported our ongoing mandate to continually review our services. The move to a larger site would provide space to improve bin management procedures, improve site security, improve the access to corporate technologies and improve staff working conditions. The new location would have space for future expansion if needed and provide increased synergies and efficiencies with other public works operations.
Any changes that are requested will require an amendment to the Corporate Plan, and a budget adjustment.

Alternative 1:  Make an amendment to the initiative. 

Council may request changes to this Corporate Plan initiative. As an example, should Council not wish to fund this initiative with MSI Grant and rather fund it through the Utility Fund. The implications of the decision will be outlined (to be funded fully through User Fees - Utility Fund) at Spring Budget Adjustment. The current balance of the Utility Fund would support the dollars required for this initiative ($710,000). 
That the 2020-2022 Corporate Plan be amended to revise initiative CE418.6, Relocation of the Eco Centre to Public Works, by:
[indicate changes requested]; and
that Administration be directed to bring forward any financial implications that may be required through a spring budget adjustment.

Alternative 2: Remove the initiative. 
That the 2020-2022 Corporate Plan be amended by removing initiative CE418.6, Relocation of the Eco Centre to Public Works; and
that Administration be directed to bring forward any financial implications that may be required through a spring budget adjustment.
Since receiving the consultant’s Eco Centre Operations report in 2014 Public Works staff have collaborated with City Facilities, Engineering, and Information Services staff to explore options for servicing and site layout designs in the old Public Works yard. This process culminated in 2019 with the procurement of an architectural consultant to provide layout options and estimated costs. Working with the consultant, various City personnel have explored the feasibility of various site designs and considered servicing requirements and the repurposing of existing buildings within the Public Works yard.
The relocation of the Eco Centre project includes a plan and budget for the delivery of a communications program to ensure that the community is well informed of the location change.
The relocation of the Eco Centre will be the first step in ensuring that this service can grow with the community and there is space available to continually develop ways to improve the future effectiveness and efficiency of the operation. It is anticipated that the immediate impacts will be:
  • Effective use of existing City land resource
  • Effective re-purposing of underused buildings
  • Free up land to sell
  • Drive through service for Household Hazardous Waste collection
  • Improved working conditions for employees
  • Ability to compact cardboard
  • Improved traffic flow
  • Improved bin management

Fiscal Impact
Financial Implications:
The Eco Centre operates at a deficit so the goal is always to control or reduce expenses while maintaining approved services. The replication of the current Eco Centre services at the new site will reduce operating costs for streams such as cardboard when new technology is applied. The use of a cardboard compactor will reduce costs for transport and disposal significantly.

For other streams the savings will be found when bins can be managed better or materials can be sorted differently. For many materials there may be no change in our processing costs at all.

The 2020 - 2022 Corporate Plan proposes a cost of $710,000 for this project to be funded $50,000 from User Fees and $660,000 through MSI Funding.  There is also expected to be a loss on disposal of the existing site in the amount of $373,694.

CE419.6 Relocation of Eco Centre

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