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RFD- 4219 Business Items   Item #   11. c.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda   
Meeting Date: 02/22/2021  
Title:    Easton Stage 1 Development Agreement - Levasseur
Department: Community & Protective Services  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Live - A dynamic city with an exceptional quality of life Related Goal: The City maintains a constant inventory of available land, both developed and developable, to ensure businesses can find properties that meet their needs.

Request for Decision Summary
As per Council Policy 2,002, Administration is seeking Council’s approval for the Easton Stage 1 Development Agreement. The Development Agreement would enable the developer to proceed to the approval of third reading of the redistricting Bylaw, C-1137-20 being brought forward this evening for Council’s consideration.

The Development Agreement has been signed by the developer in anticipation of a favorable outcome this evening. The signed development agreement also signifies the developer’s intent to proceed with construction.
Administration supports the approval of this Development Agreement.

Proposed Motion
That Council approve and authorize the execution of the Easton Stage 1 Development Agreement.
Policy 2,002, as attached, authorizes the General Manager of Planning and Infrastructure to execute development agreements that align with current bylaws, such as the offsite levy bylaw, plans, such as water master plan, and standards contained within the Municipal Development Standards. On occasion there are development agreements that arise that are not typical for one reason or another. In some cases there may be a change requested in the financial structure for a development while others may propose an alternate solution to infrastructure that is not contemplated within the standards.
In regards to the development agreement this evening, Administration is seeking Council’s approval for a modified cross-section of roadway in the Easton development. Administration has worked with Qualico to apply a different cross section that allows for the traffic to be accommodated while proposing changes to parking and pedestrian access that achieves a good transition from Commercial development to Residential uses.
The development standards would typically identify a 24m cross-section with parking on both sides of the street. This proposal seeks to reduce the width of the right of way to 20m by removing the parking and reducing the property line buffer along the commercial side while increasing the sidewalk width to promote walkability within the area. Driving lanes are not being proposed to be reduced from existing standards.
The reduced parking along with a narrower buffer along the commercial properties accounts for the main difference in width. Administration has worked out many details with the developer including traffic accommodation, parking, turning movements for the commercial area, etc. The remaining sections of the development agreement align with the standard template utilized for developers.
Attached within the Council package is a presentation that Qualico has prepared for this item to provide additional details around the modified cross-section that Administration supports.
The options for Council’s consideration are outlined below.
Council may approve the development as outlined above in order to consider third reading of the redistricting bylaw C-1137-20 this evening. This option allows the developer the opportunity to develop Easton Stage 1 in 2021.
Council may decide to not approve the changes, thereby directing Administration to maintain the current development standards. This alternative will delay the third reading of the redistricting bylaw C-1137-20 and would require further detailed design efforts, yield higher construction costs and reduce the overall commercial area available to the end purchaser. It would be unlikely that construction of Easton Stage 1 could be completed this year.
Administration has engaged with the developer to arrive at an agreement that meets the needs of the developer while maintaining the service standard that adequately serve the residents of the City.
If approved, the third reading of the redistricting bylaw C-1137-20 may proceed as per current policy requiring a signed development agreement prior to consideration of third reading.
Approval of this development agreement will enable the development of the first stage in the Easton neighborhood.
Policy 2,022 Development Agreement Approval
Easton Cross Section

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