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RFD- 3438 Business Items   Item #:   4. a.    
Committee of the Whole Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 02/19/2019  
Title:    PathwaysHOME: Five-Year Strategy to Reduce Poverty and Homelessness - Wolanski
Presenter: Janine Peter
Department: Community & Protective Services  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Live - A dynamic city with an exceptional quality of life Related Goal: High quality leisure, recreational, commercial and social infrastructure and amenities that meet the interests and needs of the greater community are in place and conveniently accessible.

Request for Decision Summary
Erin Welk, Project Lead and Engagement Specialist with Urban Matters and Janine Peter, Director of FCSS and Social Planning will present "PathwaysHOME: Spruce Grove's Five-Year Strategy to Reduce Poverty and Homelessness."
Proposed Motion
That "PathwaysHOME: Spruce Grove's Five-Year Strategy to Reduce Poverty and Homelessness" be received as information.
Homelessness is an emerging social issue within Spruce Grove, and factors surrounding poverty and homelessness are complex and deeply rooted. Effective solutions are beyond the scope of a single program, organization or sector, and an initiative was included in the 2018 - 2020 Corporate Plan to address the issue. Urban Matters CCC was engaged to assist the City and community in designing a Five Year Strategy to Reduce Poverty and Homelessness that involved engagement of a wide range of stakeholders and community members, data collection, and research of best practices.
Both local and tri-regional scenerios are shown. Although presented for a five-year implementation, timelines and targets need to be flexible to accommodate the need for systems mapping of existing services, community capacity building to fill identified gaps and roles, successful access to funding sources, and external factors beyond the City's scope or control.
A robust community engagement process was implemented in the strategy design involving local and regional social service and health providers, not-for-profit groups, business and faith communities, justice and enforcement services, youth and senior organizations, Indigenous communities, people with lived experience, and concerned citizens.
Identified action items over a five-year period involve cross-sector community stakeholders committed to a coordinated, systems-level approach to the issue. Local system planning capacity needs and potential provincial and federal funding sources are identified dependencies. Community capacity building is a significant factor.

Having discussions with our municipal regional partners will also be undertaken.
Implementation of various actions will have corresponding impacts on existing and future levels of poverty and homelessness in the community. The system described under Implementation and Costing Analysis specifically designed to eleminate homelessness if applied in all its elements.

PathwaysHOME Presentation Slides
PathwaysHome Strategy
PathwaysHOME Appendices A-D

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