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Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 09/09/2019  
Title: C-1089-19 - First Reading - Site Specific Land Use Bylaw Text Amendment - Special Care Facility - Levasseur
Department: Planning & Infrastructure
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Request for Decision Summary
The purpose of this report is to seek Council's support for first reading of Bylaw C-1089-19, a site specific text amendment to the Land Use Bylaw affecting Lot 98, Block 13, Plan 132 4323 (92 Longview Drive). The amendment increases the maximum height for the Special Care Facility use from three storeys to four storeys or 14.0 metres on the affected parcel.

The Planning Department supports this proposed Land Use Bylaw amendment. 
Proposed Motion
That first reading be given to Bylaw C-1089-19, Site Specific Land Use Bylaw Text Amendment - Special Care Facility.
Bylaw C-1089-19 is a site specific Land Use Bylaw text amendment that would affect Lot 98, Block 13, Plan 132 4323 located at 92 Longview Drive. The proposed amendment would allow the development of a Special Care Facility to a maximum height of four storeys or 14.0 metres, with the exception of the building along the northern and eastern property lines which could be developed with a walkout basement (which depending on final grading, may be considered a fifth storey) within the R2 - Mixed Medium to High Density Residential District. The Special Care Facility will remain a discretionary use within the R2 District.

Your Bright Future, Municipal Development Plan
The proposed amendment is in general compliance with the MDP and is well aligned with several objectives and policy including:

5.2.2 Increasing housing options and residential densities across the community.
  • There is a market need in Spruce Grove for independent residential living options for seniors;
  • Adding one storey to the height will increase the unit density for the site. Integrate a variety of housing types and densities to create diverse streetscapes in neighbourhoods and increase diversity in the housing stock.
  • Adding seniors' housing options increases the diversity of housing options in the neighbourhood and helps increase the residential density Focus higher density and seniors housing in proximity to amenities, transit and gathering places.
  • The proposed site is located on Longview Drive which is identified as a future transit route, there is a treed municipal reserve site immediately north, and there is a developed neighbourhood commercial site to the south.
North Central Area Structure Plan
The North Central ASP, most recently amended by Bylaw C-1001-17, identifies the subject site as High Density Residential.

Land Use Bylaw
The subject site is currently districted R2 - Mixed Medium to High Density Residential. As the approved area structure plan does not contemplate the use of flexible zoning in this area, clause 1(a) of Section 116 of the Land Use Bylaw applies. This clause identifies that the permitted uses for Area Structure Plan identified High Density Residential designations shall be Multi-Unit Dwellings and Accessory Buildings, and all other uses are considered discretionary. As the intended development is for independent seniors' housing, providing kitchen facilities and communal space to provide residents with services such as prepared meals and organized recreational activities, it falls within the Special Care Facility Use and it would therefore be a discretionary use. 

The Development Regulations of the R2 District identify a maximum height of four storeys or 14.0m for Multi-Unit Dwellings abutting a residential district that allows Single Detached Dwelling as a permitted use, and a maximum height at the discretion of the Development Officer for all Multi-Unit Dwellings not abutting a district that has permitted use Single Detached Dwellings. The district Development Regulations then restrict the maximum height to three storeys or 12.0m for all other uses.  As such, a Special Care Facility is currently restricted to the three storey maximum height.

The subject site is not abutting a district that allows Single Detached Dwelling as a permitted use. Therefore, under the regulations of the currently approved R2 district, the site could be developed for a four storey Multi-Unit Dwelling not exceeding 14.0m, and at the discretion of the Development Officer it could even be developed with a Multi-Unit Dwelling exceeding four storeys (14m).  The building form and site needs for a Multi-Unit Dwelling and the intended Special Care Facility are considered very similar, and because of this similarity Planning and Development supports the additional height requested on the specific site as proposed by this amendment. 
A statutory public hearing will be held prior to second reading. Advertising of the public hearing will satisfy the requirements of the Municipal Government Act. Newspaper advertisements will be posted the two weeks prior to the public hearing and all owners of adjacent properties within 30m will be mailed notice of the public hearing.
If approved, the Land Use Bylaw on the website will be updated as per the proposed text amendment. 
The proposed Text Amendment will allow for the economical development of a site which at present is undeveloped. The proposed development will provide for an increased diversity in the local and city-wide housing stock for a selected demographic of active and mobile seniors who have limited housing choices in the community at present.

Bylaw C-1089-19 First Reading
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