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Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 02/11/2019  
Title: C-1051-18 - First Reading - Land Use Bylaw Amendment - Redistricting - Fenwyck Stage 5 - Levasseur
Department: Planning & Infrastructure
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Request for Decision Summary
The purpose of this report is to seek Council's support for first reading of Bylaw C-1051-18, a redistricting amendment to the Land Use Bylaw changing 21.17 ha of land from UR - Urban Reserve to P2 - Natural Areas District. The proposed redistricting area would provide for the preservation of an identified fen, associated wetlands, and some forested uplands in the south of the Fenwyck neighbourhood.

The proposed redistricting is in general compliance with the approved East Pioneer Area Structure Plan.

Proposed Motion
That first reading be given to Bylaw C-1051-18, Land Use Bylaw Amendment - Redistricting - Fenwyck Stage 5.
The proposed redistricting would redistrict a 21.17 ha area of Lot 1, Block A, Plan 172 3519 from UR – Urban Reserve District, to P2 – Natural Areas District. This redistricting will commit to the preservation of the identified natural area located within the south and eastern portions of the Fenwyck neighbourhood. The subject area does not encompass the entire natural area as approximately 32.2 ha are located south of the Fenwyck neighbourhood, and a potential 1.2 ha remain to the northeast within Fenwyck.

Your Bright Future, Municipal Development Plan
The Municipal Development Plan identifies Environmentally Significant Area “I” east of Pioneer Road and north of HWY 16A. The identified natural area encompasses approximately 55 ha of upland forest, fens, and wetlands. A portion of this natural area qualifies, and will be dedicated, as environmental reserve while other lands will be acquired through municipal reserve dedication and other purchase or preservation agreements. Prior to the development of walkways, boardwalks, interpretive signage, or other means of incorporating this Environmentally Significant Area into the urban environment, a Natural Area Management Plan will need to be prepared. This plan will, among other tasks, identify the specific flora and fauna within the natural area and describe how best to share this environmental feature with residents and visitors alike while ensuring the preservation of the features that make this an Environmentally Significant Area.

East Pioneer Area Structure Plan
The East Pioneer ASP defines the boundaries of the natural area identified in the Municipal Development Plan. The ASP does provide for flexibility in the identification of qualifying environmental reserve lands, the exact boundaries of the natural area, and the methods of acquisition of non-environmental reserve areas – including municipal reserve dedications, purchase, and/or donation. The boundary of the natural area has been slightly adjusted to accommodate efficient neighbourhood design and the inclusion of a previously unidentified wetland area. Administration has been working with the owner to develop a strategy for the City acquisition of the 21.17 ha identified within the proposed redistricting area. A draft sales agreement for purchase of the overdedicated municipal reserve has been prepared and will be advanced to Council for consideration. Another potential 1.2 ha area in the northeast plan area could be incorporated into this natural area in the future. Discussions with the developer will continue as their development plans for the northern portion of the neighbourhood are refined and will depend on the determined ecological value of that land in the overall functioning of the natural area.

Land Use Bylaw
The 21.17 ha area is proposed to be redistricted to P2 – Natural Areas District. This district restricts development on lands identified as Natural Areas to passive or appreciative recreation activities such as walking, bird watching, and picnicking. Any future development of trails or walkways within these natural areas shall be in accordance with the findings of a Natural Area Management Plan.

The proposed bylaw is in general compliance with the MDP and East Pioneer ASP and is supported by Administration.
A statutory public hearing will be held prior to second reading. Advertising of the public hearing will satisfy the requirements of the Municipal Government Act. All owners of adjacent properties within 30m will be mailed notice of the public hearing.
If approved, the Land Use Bylaw map on the City website will be amended as per the attached Schedule. 
Approval of this bylaw will permit the preservation of the identified area of Environmentally Significant Natural Area "I", located within the Fenwyck neighbourhood.

Bylaw C-1051-18
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