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Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 03/13/2017  
Title: City Centre Business Improvement Area - Walker
Department: Economic & Business Development
This topic relates to all three of the City’s strategic vision elements contained in Council’s Strategic Plan
Spruce Grove has a business environment that encourages and supports new business start-ups, helps ensure existing businesses are competitive, successful and profitable, and attracts new businesses to the City.

Request for Decision Summary
Pursuant to the City Centre Business Improvement Area Bylaw C-966-16, City Council approval is required for the Board of Directors and annual budget submitted by the City Centre Business Association. 

Proposed Motion
That the proposed Board of Directors and 2017 Budget submitted by the City Centre Business Association pursuant to the City Centre Business Improvement Area Bylaw be approved as presented.  

City Council approved the establishment of the City Centre Business Improvement Area (BIA) in August 2016 for the purpose of promoting the revitalization and redevelopment of the Spruce Grove city center.  The Bylaw (C-966-16) further provided for the establishment of the City Centre Business Association as the Board for the BIA including the corporate bylaws under which the Board will operate.  The Board is required to hold Annual General Meetings to elect Directors and approve a budget for the calendar year.  This occurred on February 23, 2017.  The recommended Board of Directors and annual budget are then submitted to City Council for approval.  

It is contemplated that at least part of the annual budget will be funded by a Business Improvement Levy on businesses located in the BIA zone.  This requires the development of an assessment roll of businesses in the zone but due to the timing, this was not possible for 2017.  Instead, the City has agreed to fund the levy in 2017 at a cost of $40,000.  The assessment roll will be completed this year and it is expected that the BIA levy will commence in 2018.  
Not applicable. 
City Administration is working closely with the City Centre Business Association to develop a plan and process for moving forward in the revitalization of the BIA zone.  This includes the preparation of an Area Redevelopment Plan in 2017 as an approved and funded initiative in the City's Corporate Plan.  The City has also received grant funding under the Alberta Community and Regional Economic Support Program (CARES) in the amount of $50,000 toward the cost of the Area Redevelopment Plan.  

Notice of the proposed budget coming before Council was sent to all businesses within the zone as per the requirements in the Business Improvement Area Regulation. The regulation also stipulates that persons representing those businesses may, with Council's permission, speak at the meeting when the budget is being considered by Council.
Alderman Searle Turton was appointed by City Council as its representative on the City Centre Business Association Board and has full voting rights.  
The City Centre Business Association has sponsored a number of successful and high profile events intended to draw residents to the city center.  These included 3 public markets and support for the Chamber's Taste of Spruce Grove and Grove Cruise events in 2016.  For 2017, the Association sponsored the WinterFest Street Hockey Tournament in February and is organizing 4 public markets for the summer plus supporting the Chamber again for its Taste of Spruce Grove event.  These events are driving interest and activity in the downtown core and is starting to have an impact on business.  The Area Redevelopment Plan will build on this by involving businesses in helping to shape the future of the area.  We are starting to see redevelopment on McLeod Avenue (McQueen Building) and First Avenue (future Main Street Law building).  A number of new businesses have opened up in the area bringing new employees and customers.  

C-966-16 City Centre Business Improvement Bylaw
City Centre Business Membership and 2017 Budget