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Committee of the Whole Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 03/20/2017  
Title: Environmental Sustainability Action Plan Mid-Process Review - Levasseur
Presenter: Patrick Inglis
Department: Planning & Infrastructure
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Request for Decision Summary
This presentation is being brought forward to Committee to provide information on the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan Mid-Process Review 2016 report.  The report provides a snapshot of the City's environmental programs as they relate to the 2011 Environmental Sustainability Action Plan.  The report highlights the goals that have been achieved as well as providing guidance for future programming and initiatives.
Proposed Motion
That the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan Mid-Process Review 2016 report be received as information.
In 2011 the City adopted a ten year Municipal Development Plan, Your Bright Future. This plan provides a community-sustainability based vision and policy framework to guide future growth and change in Spruce Grove. With this over-arching framework in place, the Mayor’s Task Force on the Environment (MTFE) was initiated to provide focus to the environmental sustainability component. It was through the MTFE that the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (ESAP) was developed.

The ESAP serves as a ten year guiding document for the Sustainability Department and environmental initiatives City wide. As the ESAP progressed over the years, a Mid-Process Review was identified as a crucial step in seeing that the ESAP is successful for the full 10 year period.

The ESAP identified priority areas, goals and strategies to direct the City’s environmental sustainability approach from 2011 to 2021 with the over-arching goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The 2011 ESAP identified short-term and other (long-term or ongoing) strategies. The short-term strategies were to be completed within three to five years of the implementation of the ESAP (2011 - 2016). Many of these strategies were focused on developing policy and/or strategic planning documents for a particular priority area (e.g. water conservation plan, transportation master plan). The outcomes of these documents then form the basis of the work for the second half of the ESAP’s time frame (2017 to 2021). 

The mid-process review provides a snapshot of the progress made on the strategies set out in the ESAP that was implemented in 2011. It is the identification of the successes and progress made in the initiatives identified in the ESAP that will provide the information and guidance for the second half of the ESAP’s time frame. Not only does the mid-process review provide a detailed snapshot of the City’s environmental programs as guided by the ESAP, it also provides further direction for the Sustainability Department through a new priority area.
The ESAP Mid-Process Review report will become the guiding document for the Sustainability Department.  The report, indicating what of the 2011 ESAP has completed, will allow the Sustainability Department to focus the next five years on the goals and strategies that have not yet been achieved.  The updated ESAP will be placed on the website for public information and to communicate the City's environmental successes.
The updated ESAP will serve as a guiding document for the Sustainability department; it will provide focus for the department and support for future related initiatives.  The ESAP will also serve as a supporting document for many other departments as their operations may compliment the goals of the ESAP.

ESAP Mid-Process Review