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Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 02/13/2017  
Title: C-985-16 - First Reading - Land Use Bylaw Amendment - Harvest Ridge Stage 18 - Levasseur
Department: Planning & Infrastructure
This topic relates to all three of the City’s strategic vision elements contained in Council’s Strategic Plan

Request for Decision Summary
The purpose of this Request for Decision is to seek Council’s support for first reading for Bylaw C-985-16 - Harvest Ridge Stage 18. An application has been received to redistrict 12.88 ha in SW ¼ SEC. 8, TWP. 53 RGE. 27 W. 4th MER from Urban Reserve District to R1 - Mixed Low to Medium Density District, P1 - Parks and Recreation District and P2 - Natural Areas District. 

Administration supports this amendment that will allow for the development of residential lots, a stormwater management facility and a number of open spaces.

Proposed Motion
That first reading be given to Bylaw C-985-16 - Land Use Bylaw Amendment -  Harvest Ridge Stage 18.

Select Engineering, on behalf of the land owner, has applied to redistrict approximately 12.88 ha of land within SW ¼ SEC. 8, TWP. 53 RGE. 27 W. 4th MER, from UR – Urban Reserve District to R1 – Mixed Low to Medium Density Residential District (3.21 ha),  P1 - Parks and Recreation District (5.66 ha) and P2 - Natural Areas District (4.83 ha).
The proposed R1 district consists of 56 residential lots with 22 single detached dwellings and 34 semi-detached dwellings. These residential lots will be an extension of Hilton Cove to the north and Harrison Gate to the south.

The development also proposes a number of P1 districts throughout the subject lands for the purposes of open space and a stormwater management facility. These areas will have access through current and ongoing development in the Harvest Ridge neighbourhood and provides active and passive recreational opportunities for users. A portion of the open space north of the residential lots will be considered non-credit Municipal Reserve at the subdivision stage of the process.

The stormwater management facility is already in place; the location will be formalized through this amendment and subdivision process.

Municipal Development Plan
Your Bright Future, Municipal Development Plan, 2010 – 2020 (MDP) is the City’s primary statutory plan. On the Future Land Use map, the subject land is designated for residential and open space development and will not require any changes.

West Area Structure Plan
The West Area Structure Plan (ASP) was adopted on May 30, 2012 and designates the subject lands as Low/Medium Density Residential, Parks/Open Space/MR, Stormwater Management, and Environmental Reserve (See Attachment C).

The Environmental Reserve was revised in a past ASP amendment to match a survey agreed upon with the City in October of 2013. The proposed P2 District conforms with the Environmental Reserve designated lands found in the ASP.

There is an inconsistency between the  proposed R1 and P1 districts and the associated ASP designations. Due to the conceptual nature of ASPs, the inconsistency is considered minor and will not require any amendments. 

Land Use Bylaw
The subject lands are districted UR – Urban Reserve. The reclassification of land to other land use districts is required before subdivision and development can occur.

The proposed R1 – Mixed Low to Medium Density Residential District is intended to accommodate a range of low to medium density dwellings. The proposed single detached and semi-detached dwellings are permitted uses in the R1 district. 

The proposed P1 - Parks and Recreation District shall be used for open space and a stormwater management facility. 

The proposed P2 - Natural Areas District aligns with the Environmental Reserve designation found in the West ASP.  This area includes portions of Atim Creek and is part of the Atim Creek Natural Area. 
Administration has discussed initial comments about the development with the applicant.

The proposed amendment will be circulated internally for other departments’ comments.

Public Hearing
A public hearing will be held prior to second reading. Advertisements for the amendment's public hearing will be in the local newspaper as per Municipal Government Act requirements. The public hearing notice will also be mailed to landowners adjacent to the plan area. Any questions or comments regarding the development can be addressed at the public hearing.
If approved, the Land Use Bylaw map will be updated and posted on the City's website.
This amendment will provide for the development of single detached dwellings. The amendment also provides additional open space and possible trail connections for active recreation opportunities. 

Attachment A: C-985-16
Attachment B: Location Aerial
Attachment C: ASP Overview