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RFD- 3072 Presentations   Item #:   2. b.    
Committee of the Whole Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 09/18/2017  
Title:    Protective Services Presentation - Wolanski
Department: Community & Protective Services  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Live - A dynamic city with an exceptional quality of life Related Goal: Citizens feel safe within their communities.

Request for Decision Summary
The Inspector for the Spruce Grove/Stony Plain RCMP Detachment is scheduled to come before Council bi-annually to provide an update on RCMP services within the area. Chief Kosterman will also be providing an update on the operations of Protective Services.
Proposed Motion
That the reports from the RCMP and Protective Services be accepted as information.
Inspector Rob Hill, Officer in Charge of the Spruce Grove/Stony Plain RCMP Detachment and Chief Robert Kosterman have been asked to come before Committee of the Whole to give a report and update of the activities with in the Spruce Grove area.

As discussed previously, the RCMP Inspector is scheduled to come before Council bi-annually in May and September to provide a report on the activities and information related to the detachment.  Similarly, Chief Kosterman provides an annual report in September on the activities of the rest of the protective services areas in the City.

Additionally, the City received a letter earlier in the summer from a resident asking for consideration of Bylaw changes related to residential fire pits.  Administration indicated that the concept would be included as a part of this report with any potential recommendations.  The letter brought forward indicated concerns with public enjoyment being impacted by smoke from residential fire pits as well as a perceived public safety risk.  The ultimate request was for a complete ban on residential fire pits in the City of Spruce Grove.  Administration reviewed the concerns and provided a response to the author of the letter; however, are not recommending any changes to our existing Bylaw and processes.  Residential fire pits are subject to a permit being obtained, at no cost, and approved through/by Fire Services.  

The level of scrutiny and inspection that the City undertakes is above and beyond what most municipalities provide.  Normally, a municipality approves a permit with no on site inspection.  Fire Services evaluates the proposed fire pit site to ensure that it meets all existing Bylaw requirements and other legislation in regards to burning materials.  Any violation of the permit would be investigated by our own Enforcement Services team.  

As discussed with Council previously, the public safety aspect of residential fire pits is also extremely low.  We do recognize that there may be some impact to neighboring properties depending on conditions; however, there are other Bylaws that could be enforced and this would be few and far between.  In consideration of the desire of many residents to enjoy their property and residential fire pits, administration does not recommend any Bylaw changes, especially those suggestions for a complete ban.

RCMP Report
Protective Services 2016 Annual Report - presentation
Protective Services 2016 Annual Report

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