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RFD- 3621 Business Items   Item #   10. a.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 06/24/2019  
Title:    Honourary Naming of Park- Levasseur
Department: Planning & Infrastructure  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Raise a Family - A leading recreation, leisure and sports community Related Goal: n/a

Request for Decision Summary
The purpose of this Request for Decision is to seek Council's support to name a municipal reserve lot recently registered within the Stoneshire development area after the Steffler family, who were the original pioneers of the land on which the reserve parcel is located.

The Names Advisory Committee supports the naming of this park "Steffler Grove".

Proposed Motion
That the park located at Plan 182 2468, Block 3, Lot 176 MR be named "Steffler Grove" in recognition of the Steffler family's history as pioneers within the community.
The Steffler families have a long history within the community that dates back just prior to the early 1900’s. The first Steffer family settled in the area prior to 1901, with other members following over the next few years. The family farmed and homesteaded on several different quarter sections within Spruce Grove between Highways 16 and 16A.

The process for naming a park is outlined in Policy 7,002, City Naming Policy which is attached for Council’s reference.

An application was received from Judie Steffler requesting that a street or park be named after the Steffler family. The Names Reserve Committee confirmed that the Steffler family fit the criteria to be assigned to the Names Reserve List, as the Steffler’s were pioneers who settled in what is now the City of Spruce Grove. The Names Advisory Committee then confirmed that the application met the established criteria.

The Names Reserve Committee recommends a municipal reserve parcel located on the south side of the golf course, north of Fairway Park and immediately east of the Fairway Point subdivision, which is illustrated in Attachment 2. The municipal reserve land contains a large grove of trees with a paved pathway connecting the Fairway Point residential area to Fairway Park to the south. These lands were part of the Charlie and Katharine Steffler homestead, which is pictured in Attachment 3. Besides farming, Charlie was an accomplished carpenter and built homes, barns, granaries, machine sheds and garages in the surrounding area.
Council may request that the Names Advisory Committee explore alternative recognition options in accordance with the policy. This could include renaming naming or renaming a development area, street, park or municipal facility.

Council may choose to not name the municipal reserve after the Steffler family.
Notice was given to Judie Steffler that a portion of land was registered in 2018 that would be suitable to name after the Steffler family, and that a naming proposal would be brought to Council.

In accordance with the City Naming Policy, this application was forwarded to the Town of Stony Plain and Parkland County to ensure that there is no duplication of names between those municipalities and the City of Spruce Grove.
Subject to Council's approval, Administration will proceed with implementation of the name change.
Naming of this municipal reserve after a family that homesteaded within the Spruce Grove area at the time reflects community pride through the recognition of the City's history.
7,002 City Naming Policy
Subject Site
Homestead Photo

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