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RFD- 3616 Administrative Updates   Item #   8. a.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 06/24/2019  
Title:    Adult Drop-In Sport Activities - Wolanski
Department: Community & Protective Services  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Raise a Family - A leading recreation, leisure and sports community Related Goal: There are a number of active and engaged community groups involved in the development, promotion and implementation of leisure, recreational and sporting infrastructure, amenities and activities.

Request for Decision Summary
Recent changes in provincial legislation along with increases in volume of participation within the respective adult drop-in sport activities has forced Recreation Services to review and recommend modifications to the current method of program delivery.

Proposed Motion
That the Administrative Update regarding the delivery of adult drop-in sport activities be received as information.  

It is estimated that for approximately 30 years various adult drop-in sport activity has been coordinated and delivered by the City of Spruce Grove. Recreation Services presently offers five (5) adult drop-in sport activities including pickleball, volleyball, basketball, badminton and outdoor soccer. The first four sports are delivered in school gymnasiums via joint-use agreement while outdoor soccer takes place at the Fuhr Sports Park. Volunteers are recruited and subsequently fill the role of activity supervisor. On average, 30 - 40 individual sessions are delivered throughout the season, which for indoor sport is the period extending September to April and for outdoor April to October. All drop-in sport activities are offered at no charge.

During the past season various changes have occurred forcing Recreation Services to review its method of delivery of adult drop-in sport activities. These changes include:
  1. Updates in provincial legislation specifically relating to the use of volunteers as activity supervisors. New legislation now defines a "worker" to include a volunteer. Requirements now include role descriptions, regular hazard assessments, safe work practices, safe operational procedures, safety training and working alone procedures. A "volunteer" will now be required to complete various forms and provide ongoing reports to the city's representative along with orientation for his/her back-up.  
  2. Significant increases to the number of participants has at times resulted in unmanageable volumes, which has contributed to ceasing online registration soon after the activities commence. Although activities are drop-in, participants are required to sign a waiver or informed consent agreement in order to meet the City's risk management requirements. Recreation Services was forced to implement a code-of-conduct due to incidents of verbal abuse directed towards the activity supervisor and other participants.
  3. The Parkland School Division implemented a change regarding school access. Doors now remain closed and locked at all times resulting in the activity supervisor having to man the doorway. This is in addition to other requirements including equipment set-up, recording attendance and general supervision.
In an effort to 'pave-the-way' for a seamless transition, Recreation Services has identified the following options:
  1. The Trans Alta Tri Leisure Centre currently offers a wide menu of drop-in sport activity including badminton, volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer and pickleball. Participants would be encouraged to consider the TLC as an option for drop-in sport. The caliber of play along with structure would be comparable to Recreation Services drop-in sport with the exception that participants are required to pay the applicable TLC drop-in fee. A copy of the TLC drop-in sport schedule is attached.
  2. Respective sports would operate independent of the City and would be required to form a society or affiliate with an existing sport agency in order to be eligible to request gymnasium space. Gymnasium time(s) having been assigned to the various drop-in sports would be held for the newly formed societies.
  3. Exploration of potential opportunities within the Edmonton Sport and Social Club which offers an array of adult drop-in sport leagues. Possibly a Spruce Grove Chapter could be formed.
On Monday, June 3, 2019 Recreation Services met with representatives of the various drop-in sports to discuss the current situation, review potential options and establish a go-forward plan. Members acknowledged and cordially received the presentation expressing a level of disappointment along with strong desire to see the sport activities continue. Representatives concurred that the options presented to them at this time were reasonable and warranted further investigation and discussion. Recreation Services committed to a follow-up meeting in early July. During the transition period Recreation Services will continue to work with each sport in an effort to ensure that ongoing opportunity for residents to take part in the respective sport activities remains available.
Upon arriving at a final decision changes to the service model will be communicated extensively and in a timely fashion through the various promotional avenues available to Recreation Services.
As the City of Spruce Grove continues to grow historical methods of program delivery must be re-evaluated and assessed. The current model of program delivery is more commonly accustomed to smaller rural or urban centers.  
TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre Drop in Activities January - June, 2019

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