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RFD- 3032 Presentations   Item #:   2. b.    
Committee of the Whole Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 06/19/2017  
Title:    Task Force on Mayoralty Status - Goodwin
Department: Corporate Services  
Strategic Vision Element: This topic relates to all three of the City’s strategic vision elements contained in Council’s Strategic Plan Related Goal:

Request for Decision Summary
The Task Force is introducing their report and presenting their recommendations for discussion with committee.
Proposed Motion
That the report of the Task Force on Mayoralty Status be received as information.
The Task Force on Mayoralty Status was born out of the 2015 Council Remuneration Task Force recommendations. They recommended that a task force be struck early in 2017 to determine specifically if those trends they identified in 2015 were continuing and if a full-time Mayor was warranted for the City of Spruce Grove.

In March 2017, Council appointed residents to the Task Force on Mayoralty Status. Their mandate was to review the demands on the position of Mayor and recommend whether or not a move to a full-time Mayor was warranted. They were also to look at remuneration should they be recommending a change to the status quo.

The attached report details the work of the task force, their recommendations and rationale behind them. Provided below is an overview of the report.

Status of the Office of the Mayor

The guiding principles used by the task force as well as the key factors that informed their recommendations are briefly described below:

• Focusing on the demands of the position;
• Understanding governance and the role of Council and the Mayor as laid out in the Municipal Government Act;
• Input from each member of Council and the CAO;
• The current status of economic development and the economic development outlook for the City including upcoming development opportunities;
• The growing complexity of political matters, regional collaboration, regional economic growth and participation within the capital region;
• The City’s Strategic Plan, its vision and the goals associated with achieving that vision;
• An analysis of the unprecedented growth the City is experiencing, and the long-range planning and growth outlook; and
• The public relations role of the Mayor as the City’s spokesperson.

The Task Force recommends the following regarding the status of the Office of the Mayor:

That the position of Mayor move from part-time to full-time beginning with the 2017 – 2021 term of council.

The highlights of the rationale are:

• Recognizing the importance of the leadership role of the Mayor coupled with the current and future demands of this role;
• The positive impact the position can have on maximizing economic development opportunities as a first point of contact for developers and the business community and how this can influence the achievement of the goals set out in Council’s strategic plan;
• The positive impact the position can have  in advocating and lobbying for regional initiatives that benefit the City and the greater region as a whole; and
• Responding to growth as well as the increasing complexity of matters coming forward.


The key factors that were used by the Task Force to determine the remuneration for a full-time position included:

• The current requirements and demands of the position;
• A review of compensation data of other like-sized municipalities in Alberta with a full-time Mayor; and
• A further review of like-sized communities facing similar demands such as economic development, regional collaboration and/or growth.

The Task Force recommends the following regarding remuneration for the Office of the Mayor:

That effective October 23, 2017 adjust the base salary for the position of Mayor from $78,750 to $88,000.

That the benefits provided to the Mayor as outlined in section 5 and section 10 of the Council Remuneration Policy remain the same.

The highlights of the rationale are:

• The requirements and time demands of the position are full-time in nature and the compensation should reflect the full-time designation;
• The salary increase represents a compensation philosophy that is competitive, based on a per capita calculation of comparable salaries of like municipalities; and
• The City provides excellent benefits.

The Task Force also made observations regarding leadership and communication and highlighted opportunities that will arise through this proposed change. The Task Force encourages the current, and future Council and Mayor to capitalize on these opportunities.
The Task Force will present their report and recommendations to Council on June 26, 2017. It is Council’s prerogative to accept or overturn these recommendations. 

Financial Implications:
The recommended annual salary of the position of Mayor will increase by $9,250. The pro-rated increase for 2017 will be absorbed in the City’s budget, and will be factored into the City’s 2018 – 2020 Corporate Plan which will be brought forward for Council approval later this year.
Task Force Mayoralty Status Review Report

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