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RFD- 3004 Bylaws   Item #   10. d.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 06/26/2017  
Title:    C-1001-17 - First Reading - North Central Area Structure Plan Amendment - Deer Park Village - Levasseur
Department: Planning & Infrastructure  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Live - A dynamic city with an exceptional quality of life Related Goal: The City maintains a constant inventory of available land, both developed and developable, to ensure businesses can find properties that meet their needs.

Request for Decision Summary
The purpose of this report is to seek Council's support for first reading of Bylaw C-1001-17, an amendment to the North Central Area Structure Plan. The proposed amendment will introduce a small 0.75 ha neighbourhood commercial site on the south side of the collector entrance to the Deer Park neighbourhood from Jennifer Heil Way and changes a 4.13 ha portion of low density residential to medium density residential to accommodate a semi-detached development.

Proposed Motion
That first reading be given to Bylaw C-1001-17 - North Central Area Structure Plan Amendment - Deer Park Village. 
The proposed amendment area is located along the western boundary of the North Central Area Structure Plan, immediately east of Jennifer Heil Way and south of a future collector roadway. An existing low density residential development is located immediately south of the amendment area and an existing medium density residential development is located to the east. The land to the north is currently undeveloped, but identified as High Density Residential in the ASP.

The amendment would affect a 4.9 ha area of land currently identified as Low Density Residential. A 0.75 ha Commercial site is being proposed on the southern side of the collector road connection onto Jennifer Heil Way and a 4.13 ha area is being redesignated as Medium Density Residential. These proposed changes have minimal effect on the projected population statistics and provide a second neighbourhood commercial site in the Deer Park area. 

Municipal Development Plan
Your Bright Future: Municipal Development Plan, 2010 - 2020 (MDP) is the City’s primary statutory plan. The proposed redesignation is consistent with Figure 8 Future Land Use and addresses Objective 6.2.4 which encourages the development of neighbourhood commercial uses as an integral component of city neighbourhoods. 

North Central Area Structure Plan
The North Central Area Structure Plan was adopted in July 2003. The subject land is currently designated Low Density Residential (max. 19.5 units/ha). Subsequent amendments to the ASP have not affected the subject site. In October 2014, Council defeated Bylaw C-881-14, an area structure plan amendment for high density residential that would have affected the subject lands. A subsequent amendment for the same area, Bylaw C-922-15, received second reading in June 2015 but was abandoned by the applicant.

Land Use Bylaw
The subject lands are currently districted UR – Urban Reserve. The reclassification of land to other land use districts is normally required before subdivision and development occur. An amendment (Bylaw C-1002-17) to redistrict a portion of the subject site from UR – Urban Reserve to R1 – Mixed Low to Medium Density Residential is concurrently under consideration by Council. As flexible zoning was not a consideration when the North Central Area Structure Plan was originally adopted, the medium density residential would be limited to duplexes and semi-detached dwellings.

Storm water drainage, water servicing, access, and sanitary servicing options are currently being reviewed with the applicant and Broadview Developments, and will be developed in accordance with the City's standards.
The applicant held a public information meeting on May 10, 2017 from 5:00 to 7:00 at the Elks Hall. Notice of the open house was mailed to adjacent properties and advertised in the Grove Examiner on April 28 and May 5. The open house mail out information has been included with this report.

The open house was attended by approximately 30 people, with 19 officially signing the sign-in sheet. Numerous concerns were raised at this meeting, including traffic concerns along Deer Park Boulevard and Deer Park Drive, concerns regarding construction traffic access, concerns regarding the retention of the existing trees along the south side of the amendment area, and concerns regarding the notification mail out area. In addition to these concerns, positive feedback included the response to the mail out material, building to meet a need (housing for adult living), and the limited effect the proposed development would have on traffic volumes.

A statutory public hearing will be held prior to second reading. Advertising of the public hearing will be as per the requirements of the Municipal Government Act, and specific notification will be mailed to adjacent landowners and to any additional individuals that were identified during the recent open house and those registered at the public hearing for the last proposed amendment on this site (Bylaw C-922-15).
If the proposed bylaw is passed, the North Central Area Structure Plan will be updated on the City's website. 
The proposed amendment will establish a future commercial site within the Deer Park neighbourhood and provide for a future medium density residential area (semi detached).
Bylaw C-1001 - 17
Open House Information

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