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RFD- 3003 Business Items   Item #   11. a.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 06/12/2017  
Title:    Co-Sponsor St. Albert AUMA Resolution - Wolanski
Department: Community & Protective Services  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Live - A dynamic city with an exceptional quality of life Related Goal: Citizens feel safe within their communities.

Request for Decision Summary
St. Albert approached Spruce Grove to Co-sponsor a resolution to AUMA in regards to an amendment to the Emergency Management Act and declarations of a State of Local Emergency.  As this is an AUMA resolution it needs a motion of Council to support.  Administration supports this request from St.Albert.

Proposed Motion
That the City of Spruce Grove in partnership with the City of St. Albert co-sponsor a resolution for the 2017 Alberta Urban Municipalities Association annual convention and

that the resolution, for submission, be approved as follows:

WHEREAS Section 21 of the Disaster Services Act was amended in 2011 eliminating the ability of a municipality to delegate authority to declare a state of local emergency to an individual or committee;

and WHEREAS In effect, the amendment requires either a council vote or vote of a regional commission or joint body of two or more local authorities to declare a state of local emergency;

and WHEREAS This change makes it nearly impossible to declare a state of local emergency in a timely manner, which could delay support and assistance to residents in a time of emergency;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association request that the Provincial Government return Section 21 of the Disaster Services Act to its pre-2011 wording, enabling municipalities to declare a state of local emergency without requiring a council vote.

In 2011 the province passed a new Emergency Management Act that changed the wording in regards to council's authority to delegate a declaration of a State of Local Emergency.  St. Albert Council directed its administration to draft a resolution for AUMA to advocate to the Province to return to the pre 2011 which clearly allows a council to delegate its authority.

Spruce Grove, like St. Albert, has always delegated the authority to declare a Sate of Local Emergency to the Mayor or others in his absence.  This new wording raises a question of whether or not council would still be able to delegate its authority for this purpose.  As such, administration supports St. Albert's request to have Spruce Grove co-sponsor their resolution at the AUMA conference in Calgary this fall.
Spruce Grove's Director of Emergency Management and the Spruce Grove Emergency Management Agency were consulted and concur with this request.
St Albert Administrative Backgrounder
AUMA Resolution

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