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RFD- 3267 Bylaws   Item #   9. c.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 04/23/2018  
Title:    C-1032-18 - Third Reading - 2018 Business Improvement Area Tax Bylaw - Goodwin
Department: Corporate Services  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Grow a Business - A strong, diversified regional business centre Related Goal: Spruce Grove has a robust, growing economic base that generates balanced revenues to support the City’s high standards for services and programs.

Request for Decision Summary
The purpose of this report is to authorize the 2018 taxation of all taxable businesses operating within the boundaries of the Business Improvement Area.

Proposed Motion
That third reading be given to Bylaw C-1032-18, 2018 Business Improvement Area Tax Bylaw.

The City Centre Business Improvement Area was established in 2016. Public market and consulting costs for 2017 were sustained through service contracts between the City and Association. In September 2017 the Association held the Annual General Meeting which included the approval of the 2018 budget. In November 2017, as required by legislation and as a part of the Corporate Planning process, City Council approved the budget as recommended by the Board of Directors.

In order to raise the revenue as indicated in the budget, City Council must authorize a bylaw for the taxation and assessment requirements of taxable businesses before May 1 of the tax year.
The formation of a Business Improvement Area (BIA) is initiated by a committee of the proposed membership and it is understood that there would be a tax levy subsequent to the establishment. The Regulations allow for a procedure for the disestablishment which is also initiated by the membership.
Before the end of April 2018, the BIA notices will be prepared and issued to the businesses recorded on the Assessment Roll at the time of preparation. Businesses referred to in section 351 or 375 of the Act are exempt from taxation.

City Administration will manage inquiries regarding billing. Regular reporting will be provided to the BIA to manage non compliance of requirement to pay.

Fiscal Impact
Financial Implications:
In accordance with the MGA, requisitioned funds in the amount of $32,000 have been approved for disbursement. In recognition of the youth of the association and this initial year of taxation, it is reasonable to anticipate a 5% minor deficit to the 2018 cost recovery.  Administration will review the activity of the receivable and with consideration to any future legislation amendments, collaborate with the Association to establish future best practice. 
Bylaw C-1032-18

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