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RFD- 2967 Business Items   Item #   11. b.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 04/10/2017  
Title:    Policy 2,028 - Community Tribute Policy - Levasseur
Department: Planning & Infrastructure  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Live - A dynamic city with an exceptional quality of life Related Goal: Citizens consistently express high levels of satisfaction with municipal services.

Request for Decision Summary
Council provided Administration with direction to establish a program that facilitates the community's use of park benches and trees for dedication purposes. The Community Tribute Policy was developed to allow residents the opportunity to pay tribute to a loved one or commemorate a special event by either dedicating an existing park bench for a ten year term or through the planting of a tree adjacent to the westgrove storm pond. The policy provides guidelines for the ongoing administration of a community tribute program.

Proposed Motion
That Policy 2,028, Community Tribute Policy, be approved as presented.
For several years individuals have occasionally asked the City about creating a tribute program or have expressed an interest in participating in such a program. Community and Protective Services previously reviewed various options with Council and it was clear that a bench program and a tree program were the preferred program components.

With the scope of the program determined, it was then decided that Public Works was best suited to complete the development of the policy and to administer the program. Public Works created a corporate plan initiative for 2017 that would provide funds for any site work or other needs related to tree planting, and work began on drafting a policy.

The focus of the policy development was to create a program that could be administered within the Parks and Open Spaces section without the need for additional resources. To this end the policy was designed to be self-funding with program applicants responsible for purchasing plaques and paying a set fee for a 10 year bench tribute or a set fee for a tree installation.  
Not applicable. 
In addition to many discussion between Public Works and Community and Protective Services staff and input from Council,  similar programs in other communities have been studied and City records related to previous program inquiries have been reviewed.

Operationally, potential impacts on Public Works administration have been assessed along with inter-departmental support needs from Finance (invoicing), Information Services (POS), and the City Clerk's Office (records management). 
The approval of this policy would formalize the administrative procedures related to program applications and approvals through the Public Works office with the first tribute tree plantings or bench dedications likely beginning in May of this year. Communication to the public will also follow policy approval.
In response to several requests over the years, individuals will now be provided with a means to pay tribute to loved ones. The program should have limited budget or operational constraints as presented.

Fiscal Impact
Financial Implications:
Revenue will be received from program applicants who will pay a set fee set for each type of tribute.  The fee for a tribute tree is $750.00 and the fee for a tribute bench is set at $500.00 for a 10 year term.  The fee structure is calculated to cover material, labour, equipment, and contract service costs incurred by the City related to the program.
Policy 2,028 - Community Tribute

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