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RFD- 2952 Administrative Updates   Item #   4. a.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 04/10/2017  
Title:    2016 Development Activity Report - Levasseur
Presenter: Debra Irving
Department: Planning & Infrastructure  
Strategic Vision Element: n/a Related Goal: n/a

Request for Decision Summary
The annual Development Activity Report provides details on 2016 permitting activity, as well as insight into development trends for the past ten years. Permits highlighted in the review include building permits, development permits, compliance requests, Safety Codes permits, and business licences.
Proposed Motion
That the 2016 Development Activity Report be received as information.
Planning and Development prepares a summary development activity report each year in order to provide perspective to Council on the growth of the community. The information in the report provides background, trends and forces, both internal and external, that influence development activity. The attached report contains a summary of activity levels for 2016 for a range of permits processed in the department, including building permits, development permits, safety codes permits, and compliances. Activity levels are also compared to historic activity information to provide context and display historic trends.

Activity levels in 2016 were down for the second year in a row, after historic high activity levels in 2013 and 2014. That said, declines are muted compared to other municipalities in the region.
The following information is explored further in the report:
  • building and development permit volumes;
  • building permits issued by neighborhood;
  • number of new units permitted;
  • volume of building and development permits by type;
  • compliance activity; and,
  • volume of other safety codes permits.
A copy of the report will be placed on the City's website, which also includes archived reports for additional context.
2016 Development Activity Report

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