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Committee of the Whole Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 04/20/2015  
Title:    Growth Study - Project Initiation - Levasseur
Presenter: Lindsey Butterfield
Department: Planning & Infrastructure  
Strategic Vision Element: This topic relates to all three of the City’s strategic vision elements contained in Council’s Strategic Plan Related Goal:

That the presentation on the Growth Study be received as information and the representatives from ISL Engineering and Land Services be thanked for their presentation.
Reasons for Recommendation  

Committee of the Whole will have an opportunity to hear more about the Growth Study and offer feedback so that the consultant may begin work on the project.
The Land Consumption Analysis, presented to Council in January 2014, contained a discussion on how much land was left within Spruce Grove's municipal boundary and an evaluation of historic growth trends.  The findings from that study demonstrated that there was approximately 19 years of residential land remaining at the end of 2013.  At the time of the analysis, there was also 39 years of commercial land and 59 years of industrial land remaining.  Since the supply of residential land falls below the benchmark in our policy for a 25 year land supply, the City recognized that we must begin to examine options for continued growth to occur.  

The Growth Study was approved by Council under the Corporate Plan and will evaluate the City's options for expansion in the medium and long term.  The City has retained ISL Engineering and Land Services to conduct the study on its behalf.  City Administration and ISL will provide the Committee with a detailed presentation and discussion about the project during the meeting.
The presentation will detail the work plan, which is attached in a graphic format.  Information for discussion will include the process used to create growth projections and scenarios, the communication and consultation used to develop the scenarios, and the important milestones.  During the presentation, if the Committee requires more information or is interested in additional information that is not addressed, these issues should be raised through discussion.  

The following is a proposed outline of the consultation that will take place specifically with Council, and the key information that will be presented at each meeting.  If the Committee would like to see additional information presented at any of the milestones, this should be raised during the discussion at the meeting so that adjustments can be made.  At this time, the tentative plan is as follows:
  • April 20, 2015 – Committee of the Whole meeting with Consultant Team and City Administration
    • Review Growth Principles and Frequently Asked Questions in advance of formal public launch
  • May through July 2015 – City Council updates provided by City Administration
  • August 2015 – City Council meeting with Consultant Team and City Administration
    • Presentation of draft Growth Study, expansion options and high level financial impacts
    • Council to provide direction on which expansion option to pursue
  • September through November 2015 – City Council updates provided by City Administration
  • December 2015 – City Council meeting with Consultant Team and City Administration
    • Presentation of draft Financial Analysis, revised draft Growth Study and Public & Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
  • January through April 2016 – City Council updates provided by City Administration
  • May 2016 – City Council meeting with Consultant Team and City Administration
    • Presentation of outcome of Public & Stakeholder Engagement, final Growth Study and revised draft Financial Analysis
    • Council makes a decision on proceeding with the preferred option
In addition to the work plan, Committee of the Whole will have an opportunity to learn about the study area selected for examination through the Growth Study.  The study area is attached to the agenda as a map, and encompasses a broad area around Spruce Grove and Stony Plain.  It should be noted that the lands identified in the map for study are only subject to study at this time.  As the background data is compiled and growth scenarios are contemplated, the area on the map will start to focus and narrow.

The principles guiding the Growth Study are also attached for discussion, and will be outlined during the presentation.  These principles set the tone for discussions between Administration and ISL, as well as for any external consultation or information sharing that takes place.  The principles listed outline the values held by the City, as demonstrated through the Strategic Plan and the Municipal Development Plan, specific to this project.  If the Committee would like to see any additional principles, these should be brought forward for discussion during the meeting.  

Lastly, an overview of the information that will be brought forward for the public will be reviewed.  This is in the format of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), which will be posted on the City's website on a dedicated webpage.  This information is brought to the Committee's attention in order to ensure that all parties involved in the project are aware of the message around the need for this project, what the roles of our neighbours are in the project, and what the process and outcomes will be by the end of the project timeline in mid-2016.  A list of the FAQs is provided in an attachment.  If the Committee feels that additional information should be provided through the FAQs, it should be brought up during the discussion.
The consultation for this project will be outlined in detail during the presentation.  At the outset, consultation will primarily consist of information gathering and sharing the purpose of the Growth Study with the public and stakeholders.  There will be more opportunity for feedback later in the process as the scenarios for future growth are refined and examined in greater detail.  Milestones for public engagement are outlined in the project work plan, which is attached. 
A dedicated page on the City's website will be set up in order to provide information and updates on the progress of the Growth Study.  The City will also issue a news release to announce commencement of the project.  Regular communication will also be provided to Council at milestones, as outlined in the attached work plan.
The Growth Study itself will not have a significant impact on the City.  However, any action taken as a result of the recommendations within the Study will be impactful.   The intent of the Growth Study is to explore those impacts in full in order to provide the best information for implementation of a subsequent Growth Plan.

Work Plan 1
Study Area
Growth Principles

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