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RFD- 3553 Business Items   Item #   10. a.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 03/11/2019  
Title:    Councillor Request for Authorized Leave - Cotterill
Department: City Manager  
Strategic Vision Element: n/a Related Goal:

Request for Decision Summary
Councillor Turton is seeking Council's authorization to be absent from Council meetings during the upcoming provincial election. The Municipal Government Act stipulates that an extended absence may be authorized by Council resolution and therefore the Councillor will not be disqualified from sitting on Council as a result of being absent.

Proposed Motion
That Councillor Turton be authorized to be absent from Council meetings for the official provincial election campaign period commencing on the day the 2019 provincial  general election is called


that the absence be without pay. 

Section 174 of the Municipal Government Act addresses disqualification of Councillors. One reason for disqualification is being absent from all regular council meetings held during any period of eight consecutive weeks. Section 174(2) stipulates that a Council, through a resolution, may authorize the absence of a Councillor and as such they would not be disqualified for being absent.

Councillor Turton has requested an unpaid leave of absence from Council (letter attached) commencing on the day that the 2019 provincial general election is called and running for the duration of the campaign period.
Corporate Office will notify the finance department, to manage the unpaid portion of the leave, once it commences.

Impacted boards and committees to which Councillor Turton has been appointed will be addressed once his leave commences.
Councillors are elected to serve at-large, and as such all members of the community will continue to be served by Council.
Request for Leave from Councillor Turton

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