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RFD- 2943 Business Items   Item #   11. a.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 03/27/2017  
Title:    2016 Spruce Grove Transit Survey- Lavasseur
Department: Planning & Infrastructure  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Live - A dynamic city with an exceptional quality of life Related Goal: Spruce Grove is an easy and convenient City to get around in, with a high degree of ease of mobility for transportation, walkability and connectivity.

Request for Decision Summary
Results of the 2016 Transit Survey show that riders generally appreciate and are satisfied with service provided from Spruce Grove Transit. Although there continues to be some operational issues around delays in Edmonton due to the route taken, construction, and traffic delays, we are meeting the general needs of current riders. The expansion that has taken place with route 562 came at just the right time as some of the morning runs in January and February were filled to capacity. Continued growth of transit use will take some time, but will occur as the planned phase in of additional service takes place. The results of this survey appear to confirm this, with service improvements for expanded day, evening and weekend services being rated very highly. The one key aspect that prevents growth is a fully integrated regional fare. We are seeing increasing demand by our residents to travel into Edmonton, but there is also increasing demand from Edmonton to travel out to Spruce Grove. Finally, the demand for local service is becoming increasingly stronger. Although there will be service improvements on the commuter side, local service with commuter integration is the ultimate goal and is planned for 2019 - 2020.    
Proposed Motion
That the 2016 City of Spruce Grove Transit Survey be received as information.

The City periodically reviews its transit service to inform current operations and future transit planning. Surveys have been conducted in 2014, 2015 and 2016; with all surveys being both conducted on-board by bus users and an on-line survey to assess the opinions of area residents who may have missed the on-board survey or those who do not take transit. Both aspects of the survey continue to provide important information. The overall objective of the survey is to understand how riders value transit service, determine if it is meeting their needs currently and determine the future direction of transit both for Spruce Grove residents and to residents within the region.  

The on-board survey was conducted on route 560 on the morning of Thursday, November 17, 2017. This date was selected so as not to conflict with statutory holidays or the student fall reading weeks. The on-line survey ran from November 28 to December 12, 2017. In total with both the on-board and the on-line survey there were 376 surveys completed (-5% from 2015). There is no pre-advertising of the on-board survey, as it is to be completely random. The on-line survey is promoted on the City Web page, through social media and in ads in the the Spruce Grove Examiner and Stony Plain Reporter. To further enhance input from residents and the region, we promoted the survey through social media, collecting 13 specific comments from Facebook.

Key areas of focus in the 2016 surveys are:

  • Current and potential ridership profiles
  • Service satisfaction
  • Opportunities for service improvement
  • Questions on route preference
  • Regional service
Specific details of the questions asked and results are contained in the attached report: 2016 Spruce Grove Transit Survey Results completed by Satellite Social Research and Statistics Inc.
Results of the surveys are evaluated together with calls and emails received for consideration. Monitoring of boarding data is also considered for current and future transit service offerings. The survey results will be made public through the City's web page.

Fiscal Impact
Financial Implications:
No fiscal implications are anticipated immediately, but maybe considered for inclusion in the Corporate Plan.
2016 Transit Survey Final
PPT Presentation

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