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RFD- 3244 Business Items   Item #   10. b.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 02/26/2018  
Title:    Electronic Speed Monitor Boards - Levasseur
Department: Planning & Infrastructure  
Strategic Vision Element: This topic relates to all three of the City’s strategic vision elements contained in Council’s Strategic Plan Related Goal: Citizens feel safe within their communities.

Request for Decision Summary
A notice of motion was brought forward by Councillor Turton at the Regular Council meeting on Monday, February 12, 2018 to purchase additional speed monitor boards for use at various locations throughout the city.

Proposed Motion
That three (3) electronic roadway speed monitors be purchased and that the funds be allocated from council contingency.

Administration recommends an amendment to the motion by adding... at a cost not to exceed $10,000.
The City of Spruce Grove currently operates eleven (11) electronic roadway speed monitors utilizing them at various locations throughout the City. The monitors provide drivers a visual display of their current speed when approaching the monitors.  The monitors are to provide the drivers with information to make them aware of their speed and to help ensure they are within the permitted speed limits. The speed monitors also log traffic counts while in service.

Current locations are determined by requests from Administration, Enforcement Services, Safe City Committee and areas requiring review and supporting information.
Status Quo - Identify new areas that require the electronic speed monitors and relocate the appropriate number of monitors to new locations using the the eleven (11) we current have.  No additional cost of purchasing the three (3) monitors or additional yearly operating cost.

Purchase three (3) new monitors - Use the new monitors at identified locations that require the monitors to be located. The City would have an inventory of fourteen (14) monitors to use throughout the City. Additional cost to purchase the three (3) monitors  ($10,000) and the additional cost for yearly operating the three (3) new monitors ($1200 per year).  
Annual operating fee for the new monitors (3) would be through the City's engineering budget - addtional $1200 per year.

Fiscal Impact
Financial Implications:
Current Council Contingency is $75,000.

Cost of the three (3) electronic speed monitoring signs is $10,000.

Remaining in the 2018 Council Contingency fund is $65,0000.
Monitor Locations

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