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RFD- 2892 Business Items   Item #   10. d.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 12/12/2016  
Title:    Task Force on Mayoralty Status - Goodwin
Department: Corporate Services  
Strategic Vision Element: n/a Related Goal: n/a

Request for Decision Summary
The purpose of this agenda item is to establish a task force comprised of members of the public-at-large that will review the status of the Office of the Mayor. This action is based on the approved recommendation from the 2015 Council Remuneration Task Force which suggested that a review be conducted in advance of the 2017 general municipal elections to determine if a full-time mayor is warranted for the City of Spruce Grove. A terms of reference is provided for review and approval at this time. 

Proposed Motion
The main motion below was moved by Alderman Steinburg at the November 14, 2016 regular council meeting. A subsidiary motion was made under the authority of section 101(c) of Bylaw C-724-09 - Council Procedure Bylaw, to postpone this motion until all members of council are present. The main motion as stated below is now brought forward for debate.

 Moved by Alderman Steinburg that a task force be struck to review the part-time status of the Office of the Mayor and that the terms of reference for this task force be approved as presented. 
In 2015, Council struck a task force with the mandate to review council remuneration. In addition to remuneration, the task force was asked to review whether it was merited to move to a full-time mayor position. During its review, the task force recognized the increased demands on the office of the mayor due to growth, but it was believed that a decision to move to full-time was premature in 2015. It was recommended by this task force that:

Council strongly consider a move to full-time mayor for the 2017 election based on current trends in growth and business development and that a task force be struck in early 2017 to determine specifically if those trends are continuing and thus a full-time mayor is warranted for the City of Spruce Grove.  

This recommendation was approved by resolution of Council on July 13, 2015. A copy of the resolution is included within this report as Attachment A.

A terms of reference is attached that discusses the composition, scope, and reporting deadline for the Task Force on Mayoralty Status. The task force will be comprised of three to five public members who reside in Spruce Grove and meet the eligibility requirements of an elector under the Local Authorities Election Act. The City Clerk’s Office will provide research and administrative support to the task force, and the City Clerk will assume the role of staff advisor on the task force.

The scope of the task force will be to review the positional status of the Office of the Mayor, and if required, the remuneration for a full-time mayor. Review of Aldermen compensation will not occur during this review, as a comprehensive review of Spruce Grove council’s remuneration occurred in 2015 in accordance with Policy 5,016, Council Remuneration Policy. The next review is scheduled to occur in 2019.
 Council may request changes to the terms of reference or composition of the task force. Alternatively, Council may direct Administration to conduct the review internally. 
The Task Force on Mayoralty Status is a recommendation from the 2015 Council Remuneration Task Force, which was comprised of four independent residents of Spruce Grove. 
Once a terms of reference is approved, Administration will place a call for task force members within the community through advertisements in the newspaper and the city's website and social media.  
Attachment A: July 13, 2015 Regular Council Meeting - excerpt
Attachment B: Task Force Terms of Reference

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