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RFD- 3456 Business Items   Item #   10. c.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 11/26/2018  
Title:    Federal / Provincial Transit Grant Applications - Levasseur
Department: Planning & Infrastructure  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Grow a Business - A strong, diversified regional business centre Related Goal: Spruce Grove is an easy and convenient City to get around in, with a high degree of ease of mobility for transportation, walkability and connectivity.

Request for Decision Summary
The Federal and Provincial Governments announced grant funding for transit in September 2018. Federal funding under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Plan - Transit will provide up to 40% capital funding for eligible transit projects for established transit authorities, such as the City of Spruce Grove. Spruce Grove has a funding cap of $852,757 for this program, which is based upon transit ridership in 2016. The provincial grant program - Alberta Community Transit Fund will provide up to 40% capital funding for the highest ranking eligible transit related projects or up to 50% funding if they support the Alberta Climate Action Plan in significantly reducing emissions.

Proposed Motion
That the City of Spruce Grove formally endorse the following transit related projects:
Transit Smart Fare;
Transit Local Service, Install Bus Stops; and
Transit Commuter Bus Purchase.

In September 2018, the Government of Canada and Government of Alberta announced two grant programs related to public transit. The federal program: Investing in Canada Infrastructure Plan - Transit is targeted for eligible communities with existing transit authorities for funding to improve or expand public transportation. Alberta's portion of this funding is set at $2.1 billion.  Spruce Grove has a funding cap for this fund of $852,757 based upon a 40% funding level. This program will run until 2025.

The provincial program Alberta Community Transit Fund (ACT Fund) will provide funding of $215 million over five years ($115 million is revenues from the Alberta Climate Leadership Plan). The program fund will provide up to 40% of eligible costs for the highest ranked projects, up to 50% of the eligible costs that also support the Climate Leadership Plan by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This program is available to municipalities, transit commissions, Indigenous communities, private and non-profit organizations and can apply in partnership with an eligible municipality.

Each application is ranked on regional collaboration, environmental benefits, economic benefits and social benefits.

Both applications are to be submitted to Alberta Transportation for evaluation. Stacking of both grants for one project is permitted.  

A resolution from Council endorsing the projects is a requirement of the application.
Projects in the Corporate Plan that have been identified for inclusion for both grants include the following:
CE 1099.2 Transit Local Service: Install bus stops. Value $610,125 Project starting: January 2019 ending December 2021
CE 1320.1 Transit - Smart Fare. Value $187,750 Project starting January 2019 ending December 2020
CE1286.1 Transit - Commuter Bus Purchase. Value $1,040,000 Project starting January 2021 and Ending December 2021

This will consume $735,150 of the available $852,757 federal funding allocation for Spruce Grove leaving $117,607. There is no deadline for the federal application other than having the project completed by 2025.
Consideration to help support the Transit Park and Ride Project or an additional local bus may be considerations that will be examined in the next Corporate Plan.
The selection of projects was made in consultation with the Finance Department.

Once the grants are endorsed by Council, the list of projects and their respective values will be submitted to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board for their endorsement. 
It is anticipated that there will be a federal and/or provincial announcement of grant recipients and possibly a ceremony.

Upon receiving the grants, there will be a requirement to sign or promote the funding body on our website for the duration of the project. Reporting of the benefits from the project after completion will also be required.
Receiving these grants will assist with reducing the cost to taxpayers and reduce our need to utilize other grants to pay for these projects. 
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