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RFD- 3449 Business Items   Item #   10. d.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 11/13/2018  
Title:    Heritage Grant Program for the Nelson Homestead - Cotterill
Department: City Manager  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Live - A dynamic city with an exceptional quality of life Related Goal: Citizens consistently express high levels of satisfaction with municipal services.

Request for Decision Summary
Danielle and Wilson Nelson appeared before Council to discuss their inability to directly access municipal services and the City Manager was tasked with finding the best possible way to resolve this problem. After several meetings between staff, the Nelsons and Melcor Developments, we believe the City should supply the necessary funds for the Nelsons to purchase a lot owned by Melcor to make access to municipal services available immediately. We also suggest that the funds for this purchase be part of a heritage grant program.
Proposed Motion

That a Heritage Grant of $152,285 be awarded to Danielle and Wilson Nelson to be used to purchase Lot 1, Block 22, Plan 142 5368 from Melcor Developments Ltd. to allow for servicing of the McLaughlin / Nelson historical homestead at 200 Nelson Drive and:

That City administration develop a future Heritage Grant program for Heritage Properties, for Council adoption, whereby Council could make available $25,000 per property per year to a maximum of $150,000 per property.

The Nelson Family approached City Council and made the following request:

From the City of Spruce Grove
  • Support in rezoning the residential lot to allow a service corridor and to allow the service connection to occur while rezoning is progressing through council readings.
  • Manage the legalities of private services running through a public right-of-way.
  • To include the McLaughlin/Nelson home as a cultural asset in city promotional references and tourist information.
  • Option 1 - to accept the land and maintain it as an interpretive park – to provide interpretive signage and include it with the Heritage Trail System and Heritage Grove Park. To provide installations as they see fit such as a sidewalk to access the site, gazebo, park seating, etc.
  • Option 2 - to maintain the lot as a “Founding Families” or Memorial Park and have trees planted with plaques in the name of the person/family.
  • Option 3 - to install garden beds and manage the site as a community garden.

From Melcor
  • Create a reasonable sale agreement for city to purchase the residential lot.
  • Install a sign where the new portion of Heritage Grove Trail crosses Meadowgrove Lane to guide people from the Heritage site – interpretive park/memorial garden/community garden.

From the Nelsons
  • The Nelsons are willing to sacrifice personal privacy to highlight and allow the public to enjoy the site as a cultural resource (such as allowing public viewings – open house on set days throughout the year, providing information and photos to the city for use as cultural site, incorporation into Melcor’s spring event, open to seeing further Heritage Trail system passing by the home, provide information and historical pictures for signage, incorporate the site in cultural days celebrations.)

We have met with Melcor, looked at three separate options for servicing and after considerable discussion and analysis, the purchasing of a lot for servicing was deemed to be the best option to provide quick servicing for this home. During our discussions, the City's position was that the City did not want to own the lot or have any responsibility for the services to the home.

Melcor has been very accommodating as we worked through these options and the result is a three party agreement whereby the City provides funding for the Nelson's to purchase the lot and can service their heritage property through this lot and they will also consolidate this lot with their current property.

Other options considered were servicing through property owned by the family of Danielle and Wilson Nelson to the South or installing temporary servicing until the cul-de-sac West of the property (owned by Melcor) is constructed. They would then have the ability to remove the temporary system and connect to the cul-de-sac sewer and water lines.
While the City was supportive of establishing the homestead as a Heritage Home, no funding was provided to the family during the restoration. As the City ages, it is imperative that we consider our heritage and our heritage properties. Many municipalities do provide funding under heritage management plans and while this request was to assist in providing access to services, it became apparent that we as a municipality needed to consider what if other heritage properties are identified and need assistance. That is why we are proposing that these funds be part of an overall heritage program, to be created at a later date, should Council support the concept outlined in the recommendation.
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