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RFD- 3171 Business Items   Item #   10. a.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 11/27/2017  
Title:    2018-2020 Corporate Plan - Cotterill
Department: Corporate Services  
Strategic Vision Element: This topic relates to all three of the City’s strategic vision elements contained in Council’s Strategic Plan Related Goal:

Request for Decision Summary
The corporate plan is the City’s principal guiding document for governance, community development, and service delivery. As part of the corporate planning process in 2017, the City worked toward implementing the 2015–2035 strategic plan through the corporate business plan, department business plans and the fiscal plan.
Proposed Motion
That the 2018-2020 Corporate Plan be adopted as amended; and
that the 2018 budget be approved, as amended, with revenues of $114,929,347, expenses of $92,028,843 and capital acquisitions of $50,714,527.

The 2018–2020 Corporate Plan reflects the impact of the expectations of a growing community. Balancing the need to deliver services to a growing community with the need to facilitate new opportunities continues to be challenging with the City’s current resources. Over the term of this corporate plan, the population of Spruce Grove is anticipated to grow at an average annual rate of over 3.5 per cent.

The primary drivers in prioritizing and balancing the corporate plan were the impacts on capacity of staff resources and providing residents with quality services at an affordable rate. This year, the downturn in the economy and those suffering in our community was at the forefront of the City's mind as the plan was being prepared. Continued emphasis on commercial and industrial attraction and development is critical for the financial sustainability of the community, even as the economy fluctuates.

The corporate plan is developed annually; however it focuses on a three-year horizon for operations. This shorter planning time frame focuses the City on making decisions about what the City needs to do to maintain existing services and infrastructure and what the City wants to do through the corporate plan’s new initiatives and service changes. This corporate plan has a long term planning focus on identifying capital initiatives that are anticipated as needs over the next 20 years. The majority of the initiatives and service changes recommended in the corporate and department business plans directly relate to the growth and development of the city.
Make further amendments to the corporate plan.
The corporate plan was prepared with input from residents, Council and Administration. In March of this year, Council reviewed and approved, without any changes, the 2015-2035 Strategic Plan "Building an Exceptional City" which is the foundation for the 2018-2020 Corporate Plan.

In April, the Committee received public presentations from residents and community groups outlining the priorities they feel are important to consider in preparation of the corporate plan.

Committee of the Whole reviewed the recommended corporate plan during it's meeting on November 6 and 7, 2017.
The corporate plan is developed with an integrated view of business planning, linking the strategic plan, corporate business plan, department business plans and the fiscal plan.

The purpose of the City’s strategic plan is to enable all stakeholders who have an interest in the future of the city to share, understand, contribute to and participate in realizing our vision of Spruce Grove as the best place to live, to raise an active, healthy family and to grow a successful business.

The corporate business plan reflects corporate operating and capital initiatives that achieve and support the strategic plan. Implementation of the corporate priorities purposefully moves the city towards success with the outcomes, goals and strategies of the strategic plan.

Departmental business plans reflect the activities of City departments that support the corporate business plan and indirectly, the strategic plan. This work represents the operational services necessary to meet the service delivery expectations within the City.

The fiscal plan reflects the financial requirements to support the strategic plan, corporate business plan and department business plans. The financial requirements include revenue, expenses and tangible capital acquisitions associated with the delivery of services and new initiatives and service changes recommended in this corporate plan.

The recommended corporate plan was distributed to Committee under separate cover in advance of the November Committee of the Whole meeting.

Fiscal Impact
Financial Implications:
The fiscal plan demonstrates strong stewardship of the City’s financial management in support of providing services and programs to residents, businesses and the surrounding area.

• Administration is recommending an increase to municipal property taxes of 3.9 per cent in 2018 which equates to a residential tax impact of $6.88 per month for a household with an assessed value of $380,723. The property tax increase helps fund ongoing service delivery and maintenance as well as new initiatives and service changes that are not utility or developer related. Ensuring lifecycle maintenance of existing infrastructure, facilities, parks, fleet and equipment, and information systems remains a priority.

• There is no increase to franchise fees for 2018.

• The recommended water and sewer utility rate increase is 6.42 per cent ($0.338 per cubic metre) in 2017 which equates to an increase of $4.73 per month for a household consuming 14 cubic metres of water. The water and sewer utility rate is affected by many external influences including, but not limited to, the Capital Region Parkland Water Services Commission, the Alberta Capital Region Waste Water Commission and the cost of future capital work requirements. The City will continue to work with utility customers by providing water conservation initiatives such as leak detection to help offset rising costs.

• There is no solid waste rate increase for 2018. The solid waste rate covers the cost of waste collection, including garbage, organics and recycling.

The increases recommended in the corporate plan would have an estimated impact on a typical household of $11.61 per month.

Amendments to 2018-2020 Recommended Corporate Plan

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