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RFD- 3150 Bylaws   Item #   9. d.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 11/14/2017  
Title:    C-1016-17 - First Reading - West Central Area Structure Plan - Levasseur
Department: Planning & Infrastructure  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Grow a Business - A strong, diversified regional business centre Related Goal: The City maintains a constant inventory of available land, both developed and developable, to ensure businesses can find properties that meet their needs.

Request for Decision Summary
The purpose of this report is to seek Council's support for first reading of Bylaw C-1016-17, the West Central Area Structure Plan, to replace the Regional Lands Area Structure Plan (ASP), as amended. The existing ASP, as currently approved, references policy from the repealed Municipal Development Plan (Bylaw C-327-98) not Your Bright Future, City of Spruce Grove Municipal Development Plan. The proposed bylaw addresses these deficiencies and brings the ASP into compliance with the policy and goals described within the Your Bright Future, City of Spruce Grove Municipal Development Plan. With these deficiencies addressed, future redistricting applications (commercial and residential) will be able to be accepted which, if approved, would enable development to continue in the West Central ASP area.

Administration supports first reading of Bylaw C-1016-17.

Proposed Motion
That first reading be given to Bylaw C-1016-17 - West Central Area Structure Plan
The Regional Lands Area Structure Plan was approved in 1993 and was subsequently amended by the West Central Area Structure Plan (ASP) as Bylaw C-489-03.  It was further amended in July 2006 with an amending Bylaw C-610-06.  As the currently approved ASP does not reference current policy within Your Bright Future, City of Spruce Grove Municipal Development Plan (MDP), Administration has requested that the ASP be updated prior to the approval of future subdivision and redistricting applications. Approval of the proposed updating Bylaw C-1016-17, and the subsequent repeal of Bylaws C-215-93, C-489-03 and C-610-06, will bring the West Central ASP into conformance with the MDP.

The West Central ASP encompasses approximately 119.5 ha of land in the west of the city within the south half of Section 5, Township 53, Range 27, west of the 4th Meridian, located immediately north of Highway 16A and west of Jennifer Heil Way. The existing Legacy Park residential neighbourhood falls within the ASP area, with the remainder of the ASP area currently undeveloped.

The amended ASP identifies future land uses, servicing concepts, land use statistics, and the projected population for the entire ASP area. A 48.2 ha Highway Commercial area is identified north of Highway 16A and south of future McLeod Avenue to take advantage of the exposure to traffic on the highway; the lands north of future McLeod Avenue are primarily low to medium density residential (33.6 ha) with an additional 6.6 ha identified for medium to high density residential, 6.1 ha for storm water management, 11.7 ha for parks and open space,  and one 1.6 ha Institutional area.

Changes to the ASP in this revision include the expansion of the future school site area such that the identified site will be large enough to accommodate a future K-9 school (as identified by City Administration, and confirmed by the Parkland School Division) and a future programmable municipal reserve lot adjacent the Fuhr Sports Park. The mixed density residential areas (Low to Medium and Medium to High) have been included within this update which will enable the "flexible zoning" policy within the Land Use Bylaw to be used with future development within the ASP area; allowing for a more compact community with integrated housing forms and an overall higher density residential development.

Administration is anticipating a forthcoming submission of redistricting and subdivision applications for the first commercial phase on the corner of Highway 16A and Jennifer Heil Way.
The applicant held two public open houses during the summer of 2017. The first, on June 15, presented the current development concept of the West Central Area Structure Plan, the existing conditions in the area, and any identified opportunities or constraints to future development. Attendees were asked to provide their opinions and ideas on the information provided or to identify any constraints or opportunities that may have been overlooked.

A second public open house was held on August 15. A revised draft development concept was presented to the public at this meeting and feedback regarding the proposed changes were noted.

A statutory  public hearing will be held prior to second reading. The public hearing will be advertised and adjacent landowners notified as per the requirements of the Municipal Government Act. Questions or comments regarding the amendment will be addressed at the public hearing.
If this bylaw is approved, Administration will update the City Website with the amended West Central Area Structure Plan and remove Bylaws C-215-93, C-489-03 and C-610-06.
Approval of this bylaw will bring the West Central ASP into compliance with the policy of the Municipal Development Plan and enable the City to consider future commercial and residential redistricting and subdivision within the plan area.
Bylaw C-1016-17
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