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RFD- 3474 Bylaws   Item #   9. c.    
Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 01/28/2019  
Title:    C-1062-18 - First Reading - Pioneer Lands ASP Amendment - Greenbury Residential and Transit Station - Levasseur
Department: Planning & Infrastructure  
Strategic Vision Element: Related Goal:

Request for Decision Summary
The purpose of this request is to seek Council's support for first reading of Bylaw C-1062-18, an amendment to the Pioneer Lands Area Structure Plan. The proposed amendment intends to swap the location of 0.82 hectares of Medium to High Density Residential land use with 0.82 hectares of Low to Medium Density Residential land use, and to better define the location of the Transit Station intended in the ASP’s commercial area. 

Administration supports this proposed Bylaw.

Proposed Motion
That first reading be given to Bylaw C-1062-18 – Pioneer Lands Area Structure Plan Amendment – Greenbury Residential and Transit Station.

This proposed Pioneer Lands Area Structure Plan (ASP) amendment intends to adjust the Plan's Development Concept by relocating an area of a Medium to High Density Residential and to better identify the intended location of the area’s Transit Station.  The residential land use swap is within Lot 2, Block A, Plan 132 4055, and the Transit Station is on parts of Lot 9, Block 1, Plan 102 7111, and Lot R4, Plan 4743 RS.

The amendment’s residential change would relocate a Medium to High Density Residential land use area westward along the ASP's future Westwind Drive collector roadway.  This site is approximately 0.8 hectares in size, and displaced Low to Medium Density Residential land use will be moved to the former higher density residential location.  This land use swap has no impact on the areas density, and the revised higher density residential site location is viewed as desirable in that it would place more residential units closer to the commercial area and the future transit station.  Additionally, it moves the density away from the traffic circle, which may at times be an active traffic area.

The Transit Station amendment proposal defines a physical location for the intended transit facility that was described in the Pioneer Lands ASP - 2011 Gateway Land Amendment Bylaw C-797-11 in Section 4.2.4.  This transit station is also noted as a “Park and Ride” location in Schedule 10B: Regional Transit and Trails 2044 of the Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Growth Plan.

Municipal Development Plan
Your Bright Future: Municipal Development Plan, 2010 - 2020 (MDP) is the City’s primary plan for land use planning. The amendment’s proposed residential re-designation is consistent with the MDP’s Figure 8 Future Land Use map that identifies both areas for residential land uses.  The proposed Transit Station location is also consistent with the MDP, being identified in this location on Figure 10: Transit System. 
Pioneer Lands Area Structure Plan Bylaw C-686-08
The Pioneer Lands Area Structure Plan was adopted in February 2009, and it has had four amendments since adoption. This amendment to swap a small area of Low to Medium Density Residential with Medium to High Density Residential will create no conflicts with the ASP’s current land use planning considerations. The change will benefit area planning by placing higher density residential use closer to the future Transit Station, and moving away from a nearby active traffic circle.  As to the location of the Transit Station, this amendment places it in the Westwinds commercial area as contemplated by the ASP amending Bylaw C-797-11, Section 4.2.4 Transit Station.

Edmonton Municipal Region Growth Plan (EMRGP)
The proposed ASP amendment is consistent with the EMRGP as it does not change residential density as was approved under the existing Pioneer Lands ASP; however, as the residential amendment area is within 800 metres of a proposed Park and Ride facility it is required to be referred to the Edmonton Municipal Region Board for their review prior to the Bylaw’s third reading.
A statutory public hearing will be held prior to second reading. Advertising of the public hearing will be as per the requirements of the Municipal Government Act, and specific notification will be mailed to adjacent landowners. 
If the proposed bylaw is passed, the Pioneer Lands Area Structure Plan will be updated and a copy of this amendment will be placed on the City's website.
The proposed amendment will relocate a higher density residential land use site in the Greenbury neighbourhood, and provide clearer definition of the intended physical location of the future Transit Station as has been contemplated within the Westwinds commercial lands.  
Attachment A: Bylaw C-1062-18

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