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RFD- 3439 Business Items   Item #:   4. a.    
Committee of the Whole Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: 01/21/2019  
Title:    Report on Status of Community Sport and Recreation Organizations - Wolanski
Department: Community & Protective Services  
Strategic Vision Element: Where People Choose to Raise a Family - A leading recreation, leisure and sports community Related Goal: There are a number of active and engaged community groups involved in the development, promotion and implementation of leisure, recreational and sporting infrastructure, amenities and activities.

Request for Decision Summary
As an extension of support services provided to community leisure agencies through the Recreation Hub, Recreation Services is pleased to present to Council a report and analysis on the status of community leisure organizations.

Proposed Motion
That the report on the status of community sport and recreation organizations be received as information.
In an effort to provide Council with a succinct snap-shot on the status of leisure agencies, Recreation Services has produced a presentation and accompanying report intended to assist Council and Administration in its mid/long-term leisure strategic planning.  They are intended to provide Council and Administration with a broad base overview on the status of leisure agencies.
At the conclusion of the 2017 inaugural report Council requested that future reports be expanded in an effort to provide a broader perspective on the community's leisure delivery system. As a result the scope of this report was expanded with a total of eighteen (18) community based leisure organizations invited to take part in the 2018 survey. Responses were gathered and compiled with the material collected subsequently forming the basis for this evening's presentation. Those agencies invited to take part in the survey included: Aerials Gymnastics Club, Parkland Community Basketball League, Parkland Pirates Aquatic Club, Ravens Volleyball Club, Spruce Grove Barracudas Swim Club, Parkland Minor Ball Association, Spruce Grove Minor Hockey Association, Spruce Grove Minor Soccer Association, Spruce Grove Ringette Association, Tri Area Skating Club, Tri Area Warriors Volleyball Club, Spruce Grove and District Minor Football Association and Parkland Posse Lacrosse Association.

Five (5) new groups were extended an invitation to participate including the Parkland Pickleheads Pickleball Club, Spruce Grove Girl Guides, Grove Grizzlies Jr. Forest Wardens, 4th Spruce Grove Scouts and 755 Parkland Royal Canadian Air Cadets. Fifteen (15) groups subsequently participated in the report. 
The method used to collect information from the various agencies entailed a combination approach involving the use of a survey and fillable program data sheet.
Some general observations and themes gleaned from the 2018 report include:
  1.  Volunteerism - Agencies continue to identify the need for additional volunteers within their respective organizations. Additional services in support of volunteer growth and development was also an identified need; 
  2.  Facility Costs - Costs related to access of community facilities has limited certain agencies ability to deliver ongoing/sustainable program(s);
  3.  Facility Access - Increased demand for indoor space (gymnasia, indoor ice, aquatics) has limited some agencies ability to maintain status-quo much less provide additional capacity for new program registrants; and
  4.  Economic Climate - Current economic conditions have placed limitations on some families and individuals ability to access community leisure programs.    

2018 Recreation Report
2018 Recreation Report - Presentation

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